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You know using videos to help sell and promote your business can work.  Video marketing has worked from it’s use in the early 1930s to present day.  Even more so now because the training and the systems available to help you produce what you need is only a click away and cost is lower than ever.  If you are new to using video to promote and market your services don’t worry it’s not hard and you don’t need a production house to get professional results.  Here is how you can get started on a budget and get actionable results.

Selecting Your Gear

If you’re going to be doing videos for your self you don’t need to spend a lot of money on fancy gear.  To get results you’ll only need four items at the bear minimum.

  • Camera: (Just about any video camera on the shelf today will do. Get one with at least 720p resolution) Search craigslist, local classifieds, amazon, or ask your neighbor.  You can get great deals in those places, I scored a nice prosumer camera for half the original cost and it produces great video and shots in 1080 if I want it to.  But I’ve made successful videos with lower quality  handy-cams by following the tips below.  Remember  720p  is the minimum resolution you want to shot in today.
  • Tri-pod: Without a doubt the tri=pod is a must. It’s most useful tool you will use when shooting video. Prices range from free to thousands of dollars but the free one’s work just as well.  If you can get a tripod with a leveling bubble you will set yourself up for success.  Tip: Always use a tri-pod when you are shooting videos of still objects, it will make your videos stand out among the others and you won’t make you’re viewers get motion sickness.
  • Lights:  Possibly the one thing missed the most when people start making videos. They shoot video in dark areas or try to use outside light which can be fine but it’s uncontrollable most of the time.  Go to your local thrift store and picked up a few lamps for 4-10 dollars to add more light to inside office videos.  Light Kits sell for hundreds to thousands of dollars for the professional gear.  Tip: Be creative but remember for good video all the lighting must be of the same color temperature. Avoid mixing different kinds of light when possible.
  • Microphone:  More important than lighting is audio, you can get away with bad video and poor lighting if you have good clean audio.  If you’re shooting video of yourself talking you will want to have a dedicated microphone.  Small camcorders have one-eighth 1/8th (3.5mm) jacks that you can plug-in wired lavaliere microphones.  I use both wired and wireless lav mics which cost under 100 dollars and sound much better than the camera microphone.  Some camcorders have good build in microphones but you want control over audio when possible at all times.  Tip:  You may also need a mono to stero 3.5mm adapter if you want to record stereo sound and not have to fix it in editing.  Good clean audio will make or break your videos. Avoid build in laptop microphone and webcam microphones.

Editing And Posting Your Video

You do not need to spend any money on  professional editing software when you are getting started with producing your videos.  All major video editing suites have 30 day trials you can you use over and over for as many 30 day periods you wish to re-install the program for.

I setup a goal for myself when I fist started using video’s for marketing and selling my services. I wouldn’t buy a program until I made the money back from using trial version first.  I bought Adobe Production Suite CS6 before they released CC which you can now use on a subscription bases for practically no cost to you if your using video marketing successfully.

You can use YouTube for hosting commercial videos but they must be produced in a way that you are adding valuable content to the Google Database.   You also have the option of using a paid video hosting service like Amazon Cloud or Vimeo Pro.  This will depend on your needs and how you would like to use video marketing.

Should You Hire Someone

Lastly, perhaps you don’t have the time to put together videos and edit them and do all the busy work but you do have the resources to hire someone.  By all means entrepreneurs like yourself are everywhere waiting to assist your business.  Put up local ads and find someone in your hometown to help you produce, edit, and share your videos.

You can use services like odesk  to find someone to build you graphics, titles, intros, branding, and more complicated stuff.  You can hire my services for video editing as well.

Recap The Basics

Shoot at least 720p, use a tri-pod, get good audio, and edit on a professional editor.

You can hire my editing services.  Check out the Packages Page to see my offers.


In your service,

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