Alex Jones Nascent Iodine

If you ever listen to Alex Jones radio talk show you may have herd him talk about the Nacent Idodine he started selling at  One of the famous things he says on his talk so all the time is “On Record”, everything he talks about is “On Record”,  but he hardly references them for the listeners to further research on their own.  So if you’re looking into researching Iodine and it’s health benefits you’ll want to get advanced with it.

Search only .gov sites, because even as Alex Jones has stated, the research isn’t new, the health benefits have been long known but the market place is that of scarcity when it comes to quality products.

Here are few links I’ve found related to Potassium  Iodide (KI):…/Guidances/ucm080542.pdf

Advanced Searching:


Include and Exclude Phrases and Top Level Domains


What to Research

Depleted Uranium
Nuclear Power Plant Site white papers.

Keywords: Nuclear (state), (City) .mil .org

Depleted uranium is extremely toxic and shall be

worked only under a license from the Nuclear Regu-
latory Agency (NRA). Machining or other work,
such as surface sanding, may be done only by the
licensee. No drilling, sanding, abrasive blasting, or
other mechanical work is permitted on depleted
uranium by any field level (organizational or inter-
mediate) maintenance activity. If the protective fin-
ish (plating) which covers the depleted uranium is
chipped, peeled, or otherwise removed so the dark
gray or black uranium oxide is visible, the part must
be returned to the licensee for rework or disposal.
Packaging and shipping procedures shall conform
to AFI 40-201 and any other related current regula-
tions for handling radioactive materials.”
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  • So, if I took 3 bottle of Iodine and felt nothing ???? I think I bought Alex a nice steak.

    • Perhaps, I wonder if it was from grass fed beef or just a regular old steak. Most supplements are nothing more than junk so unless you’ve had blood tests done to find out what you’re missing you can’t always tell.

      Perhaps your thyroid is good and healthy?