How Not to Lose Your Facebook Friends

Save Images, Wall, Pictures and More.

How to Backup Your Facebook Account

Step One: Log into you Facebook(TM) account.

Backup Your Facebook Account Log in

Log Into Facebook

Step 2:

Click on Account. Then go to “Account Settings”.

Click on Account in the Right hand Corner

Step 3.

Scroll down the page until you see “Download Your Info thing.” Click “Learn More”

Click on learn more

Almost Finished Downloading Your Facebook Account as a Backup

Facebook will build a ZIP file of all your information from your account. After the system makes this file, an email is sent to you with a Download link for the backup of your Facebook account data.  Download and backup this file as you would any business documents.


Depending on how many pictures, friends and comments you have the backup could take a while so don’t panic. Have a great day..


Facebook(TM) is a register trademark. This is just me showing you how we were given the ability to use this cool feature.  This is not an official Facebook(TM) page. Meaning they did not make it. If you have any questions about Facebook(TM) be sure to check out their help Section.

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  • Clare Braun

    Well thanks Richard, that couldn't have been easier! Talk about user friendly! Awesome. Thanks again, Clare

  • Richard Kaulfers

    You are welcome Clare.