Best Subs and Sandwiches in Roy Utah

Dam Good Subs and Sandwiches in Roy Utah

I lived in and around Roy Utah for several years.  During those years I made sure I found some good places to get lunch, dinner, or a snack before going to PowMow, but this place slipped past me for for the longest time.

After getting picked up from Salt Lake Airport one morning  I brought up the idea of grabbing some lunch to my friend.
He said “I have just the place.”..

Who knew it was a Franchise?

He said “Will hit up Gandolfo’s, they have awesome sandwiches.  There is this one called the Urban Cowboy its pretty good.”

“Where is this place?”, I asked Josh.  “It’s on Riverdale about 15 minutes from the shop”, he said.

I have driven up and down Riverdale a-lot, passing the many Ken Garth dealerships, pawn shops, and of course the BLOW out Mattress sales building.  I never heard of nor saw this sandwich shop one calls
Gandolfos  New York Style Deli

Order Up!

Gandolfos New York Deil Inside

Parking is limited and shared with several other shops.  We arrived around 11’o-clock and there was only two couples sitting at the tables.  I was surprised of the big selection of sandwiches they have on the menu.  Which is categorized pretty nicely for you easy ordering pleasure.  I ordered the “New Yorker“, now I do not recall  everything put on the sandwich but I do remember I saved one half for later.  It was stacked and pretty darn good.

The lunch crowd rolled in right after we received our order.  Just a heads up..

You can also get Farr Ice-Cream in there as well, which is  produced in Ogden Utah.  I’ve been their too,  great vintage ice cream parlor.

Repeat customer..Yup

Several weeks later me and some friends were standing in a subway on the other side of town.  I looked at my buddies and said “wait, I know a better place to go.”  We went to Gandolfos, it was their first time and they too were hooked.   The potato soup, German potato salad are also good.

Good Service

What I really like about the shop is the fact they were in the same location for 8 years, and it only took me a few years to hear about it through the best form of marketing, word of mouth.  Sometimes slower but still for a sandwich shop I thought was family owned, and it is in a way, they do a great job there.

Hungry and in Roy, Ogden, or Layton Utah. Go try the best Dam Sub and Sandwich I thought  it was a Mom and Pop Shop..Nope. Just Gandolfo’s New York  Deli.

Location and Details:

Tell’em Rick Sent You.

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