Flying Camera Quad-Copter For Profit and Business

Green Quadcopter CX-10

What will it take to start flying a quad-copter with a camera for profit?

Alphabet organizations are working on making regulations for  “drones”, personal quad-copters, Unmanned Aircraft Systems–or what ever you want to call them– right now in the U.S.A. [2015] Updated Regulations: FAA Rules for Business Quad-Copters

Currently estimated start-up costs to get into the aerial photography business is around seven to 10-thousand U.S dollars.

Aerial video and photo for profit is nothing new all over the country pilots  fly around and take video and photos of just about everything there is on the ground.  Now technology is allow non-pilots to take to the sky’s and capture great imagery and break into the business.

Before Drones We Had Terraserver For Arial Images

Terraserver offered a new way to view land from the air via satellite photos.  I remember printing off grids and taping them together to get large aerial land maps. But now with local quad-copters and personal drone with 4k cameras and more we can get current images at a great price.

Aerial shots for pleasure are great and offer a lot of cool views of the land below but turning the video and photos into a profitable business won’t be as smooth as bread and butter.

The entry fee into the business could be as high as 25,000 dollars.  Factor in the equipment, training, getting your foot in the door, travel, editing time, printing ect.  If you’re going shoot video the video has to be HD or even 4K and you’ll have to get that video edited and color graded.

Learn about COAs, Section 333 and more legislation to come as they figure out a way to profit off your efforts. Also the AMA is fighting for the cause.

Flying micro-copters is a great way to get the training you need before breaking out a few thousand dollars.

Check out Lifeblood Marketing CX10 Quadcopter videos to see about a cheap way to learn how to fly.


what websites should I block

The following website features are what make “poor” website user experiences.

Audio Playing: Audio or Video or Both

It’s a good idea to exclude or block websites that practice in:

pop-ups, unders, overs, corners ect. Anything that is distracting from the original content my a means on disruption.
Earning money from recycled content:

Before google it was all about keyword stuffing. Today it’s all about trying to be “relevant and social” which leads to a lot of Hollywood Headlines. Ignore all of them and you’re computing/searching experience will improve. You can learn to cut through the shit and just get the content you needed to fix the problem you have.

Of course you could be looking for that pair of shoes you seen in the movie you went to last night from the fake article your friend shared on twitter and instagramed a new picture of them outside the mall next to the theater.


Learn how to block websites so even if you click on them you’ll be stoned walled.


Objections People Say – Listen You’ll Hear

How many times through out the work day do you hear people go on and go on about how they are going to do something, and never do. Most of the time they will follow up with the one of the following objections or lies.  Perhaps you’ve said them yourself….

  • I might later…
  • I don’t have the time…
  • I’ll definitely consider…
  • Maybe in the future…
  • It’s just one of those days..
  • I never understand why…
  • I always forget…
  • I hope to be better at…
  • I’ll be honest…
  • I’m really bad at..
  • I’m a procrastinator

The list does go on but for now these are just a few of the most commonly said phrases throughout a typical office setting. Listen, hear, learn, and respond.


How to Make a WordPress Video Background Without Plug-in

I’ve been seeing a lot of site with cool motion and or video backgrounds on their pages.  So I to want to be able to do this on a page for my wordpress site.  Of course I don’t want to use a plug-in.  There has to be some source code somewhere in the open which allows us to do this trick.

I’ll start my journey off with a trip down google lane and a support form I’m part of to seek out some answers.

The Quesiton:

How can I have a video loop in my wordpress background without using a plug-in

Which langue do I code in to have a video background play on a page in my wordpress site


Free Videos to Use for Backgrounds:

I’ve created several videos to test out the methods I learn to do this trick.  If you’d like to check them out just head over to my channel on the youtube/lifebloodmarking.


How to disable the iphone Kill Switch

Let’s get one thing straight from the start.  Your iphone from the start was always trackable, hackable, rackable, stackable ect.

Remember lots of slaves are dying to make you a slave as well.


List of tools needed:

  • Courage
  • Ability to Cope with Change
  • Release and Let Go
  • Hammer
  • Rock, Cinder Block, Anvil or any hard surface.
  • Hammer


(place holder) Video coming soon to show you exacilty how to disable the kill switch in your smart phone.