Integrated Online Strategies Course Review

Master Certificate in Internet Marketing from USF Online the first course

Report card from Universtiy of San Francisco

Integrated Online Strategies Report Card

What’s this picture about?

That picture you see is a snapshot of when I took the course and it shows the grade I finished with.

I will tell you right of the top that you are able to take the course exams as many times as you like until you get the scores you want.  Why not finish with an A?

In reality the final grade has nothing to do with your success that you will have from the information you will learn while taking the internet marketing course and the only way you will ever benefit from this course (just like anything else) is by applying the lessons in the “real world” environment.  The final grade may look good on paper but the only thing that really matters in the end are the results from the actions you take with the skills you will learn. How is that for some truth?

Increasing sales online, branding your business online, increasing web traffic to your business site or blog, marketing with social media the right way, or running a profitable pay per click campaign are just some of the skills you will learn through the entire Internet Marketing Master Certificate course. You will get your feet  wet  in each of these areas with the course I am reviewing today.

First Impressions, Was I impressed? How did I feel about it?

When I first started researching this course before I ever talk to a representative I got an imitate feeling that I would be dealing with nothing but professionalism and top quality information.  I applied for more information and was called a day later by a course rep.

Now if you ever dealt with college reps before you know that some of them are pusher then a slick Las Vegas nightlife promoter. This was not the case at all and the conversation was very professional and my represented talked from a place of posture.

My school representative  was more concerned about finding out if I would be wasting my own time taking this course then just closing the deal. They were able to answer my questions and got back with me quickly on the ones that needed to be double verified.  I feel this part is very important because it’s the first contact and it can really make or break the reputation of the business at hand.

Singed the Dotted binary code and finished the course.

Enrollment online was really easy and my material arrived quickly via FedEx. I hate when I have to jump through hoops just to get something started, don’t you?

This course is taken 100% online by that I mean you will not sit in a classroom. Unless you consider your living room a classroom or bathroom if you really wanted to, bubble bath and pay per click..Dangerous

Attended class without pants on!

Because this course online you don’t have to wear pants when attend the live sessions which are held weekly via some cool internet education software called ellimunate.

I liked the way the lectures were delivered via the flash interface. You could use the CD’s or straight from the website. I was even able to view them on my Driod phone which I thought was pretty cool.  As of writing this Iphone and Ipads still don’t have flash, what gives?

Lessons from the Pros.

Jay Berkowitz was the first teacher I had who hosted the weekly webinar class and developed a lot of the course material. He also produces some sweet internet marketing podcasts.

I was impressed on how the school put together a great panel of professionals. Just about every one of them runs their own business and deals with the information they teach everyday for a living. Something you don’t find to often and  is very important in this field because technology changes almost monthly and it’s just not all rehashed theories from a book that is out dated. Of course some strategies will change but that is the nature of technology. You will learn how to keep up it so don’t worry about that.

The whipped cream.

Integrated Online Strategies is a course for a person who wants to learn how to take their business or any business online the right way. That way  will lead to results and long term success. The classroom was filled with professional marketers and new people to internet marketing  just like my self from all over the world.  This is a great place to send employees to learn how to increase business via internet advertising or small business owners looking do increase their brand and business as well.

Was this review helpful? The best thing you can do is ask questions, a lot of them. Find out everything you want/need to know before you sign up for any online marketing training. I want to know what you thought of the review, leave your comments below. Have a great day, Richard.


Digg into this Delicious Marketing Recipe Right Away!

Are you familiar with social bookmarking? If so, are you currently putting it to use as part of your online marketing strategy? If you are not there is no better time than right after you learn how easy this is. A simple feel good kind of marketing thing I’ll show you.

Social bookmarking is one of those simple marketing tactics that start to become second nature while you’re doing your thing online. You will start to do this after reading, watching funny videos, learning, posting juicy content to your website or blog, and commenting on you’re favorite blogs and article posts. Can you start to see how it’s not just about your site. How cool will that feel when more and more people start to “digg” your content and posts over time? Pretty cool I think.

Can you Digg it?

First you are going to open up a Digg account, which takes about 1 minute or so.  If you want to go the extra mile you can set up the page with your picture, a short bio and a few links.

Now every time you are online and participate in commenting or reading a post that you like you can  Digg it by copying the url and uploading it to your Digg account.

You will be able to add a few keywords into the description to help other people find the content as well. It’s really that simple, in fact is to simple you would be surprised how many people just don’t do it. Everyone always seems to want to go the harder route. Don’t you get that feeling sometimes?

Time to cook up a Delicious bookmarking strategy.

This social bookmarking tool is a great way to start to build some exposure for yourself and your favorite content. Like Digg you will setup a Delicious account. This is pretty simple and if you use yahoo at all you can sign in with that account. Now I really hope you use Firefox or some kind of Mozilla web browser. You will want to get the book marketing toolbar installed.

When you are on any page you like and yes your own page as well. Just right click and bookmark to Delicious or hit Ctrl-D on the keyboard. This will popup the bookmarking screen. You simple add some keywords and a short note click bookmark and wammo your done.

Again do not go crazy with this because it will look spammy, just keep it natural and the ball will bigger and bigger over time. Have your team start to do these two things and wow you will notice some things happening.

Watch the video to see it in action.

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PPC Supremacy Review. A Students Prospective.

To make this review simple I wrote it for you.

Hello there I am Richard Kaulfers and I will be reviewing the course called PPC Supremacy that was created by Jim Yaghi and David Schwind.

You will learn briefly about my background, what my take on the pay per click marketing course is and also what you might expect yourself when and if you become a student of the PPC Supremacy course. Let’s dive in.

Who is Richard Kaulfers anyway?

I am a military professional specializing in electronics as of writing this. I graduated ITT Tech with an Associate’s degree in computer network systems. My background vocation started off in the computer related field. I ran my own small business which paid for college. Now I am transitioning to the business marketing vocation.

Most of my skills were related to customer relations at least that what I called it. I made it a point to teach my clients many of the small things they would normally call me to do.  In the start of 2010 I enrolled at University of San Francisco Online and picked up a few Internet marketing certifications such as Integrated Online Strategies and Search Engine Marketing .Why does any of this matter to you? I would like to say I am pretty good at spotting “junk” online and I figured why not help out a bit and spread some truth.

How I feel about PPC Supremacy.

Within the first week of learning about this course I just felt something about it in my gut. The marketing was packed full of information and was really a few detailed lessons on their own. Which I thought was really cool. Breaking into the material for the first few weeks the value never did stop. I learned a lot about the business aspects of marketing online and was not flooded with so much of technical jargon as to get confused and quite.

Jim teaches many of the modules and he does so in a way that makes the complicated things very easy to understand. David’s lessons are straight to the point with clear objectives about the outcome. From all of the teachers I have had online these two have by been really good and getting the information to sink in the brain.

I feel anyone who is ready to really learn marketing and then to incorporate the big advertising players such as Google(TM) into the mix can benefit greatly from this course.  As of right now it’s not open to the public but will be in near future.

The core of the lessons really are in the first few modules and are so important for long term success its just great to have the ability to go over them again and again.

What can you the Student Expect from the 14 modules of lessons?

As a student you can expect to get a simple yet in-depth understanding of Internet Marketing because you will be taught what it really takes to grow your business online the right way. You can expect to take your time and learn each module of training because it is at your own pace. Now if your objective is to not get “slapped” by big advertising agents then you will be taught the lessons on how not to hurt yourself or your business so that you may continue gaining profits or get to profits as quickly as possible.

You can expect to learn how to structure your website and content to play by the rules. You will learn how to become creative and look in other places your competitors are not to find the traffic and business you need. You can expect to really learn how to have your marketing dollars pay for them self’s over time. This is the real “secret” to thriving businesses. Most importantly you can expect support from present and past students such as myself.

Summery Review

PPC Supremacy is one of the top online marketing courses out there today. You are getting taught by two very skilled marketers who know the game and know  how to stay in the  game. Personally I feel that if you are going to spend any amount of time learning internet marketing this is a great place to start. Home businesses, small business, big businesses it really does not matter.

Please ask me any questions you have about the course in the comments below.

Thank you

Richard Kaulfers.

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How Not to Lose Your Facebook Friends

Save Images, Wall, Pictures and More.

How to Backup Your Facebook Account

Step One: Log into you Facebook(TM) account.

Backup Your Facebook Account Log in

Log Into Facebook

Step 2:

Click on Account. Then go to “Account Settings”.

Click on Account in the Right hand Corner

Step 3.

Scroll down the page until you see “Download Your Info thing.” Click “Learn More”

Click on learn more

Almost Finished Downloading Your Facebook Account as a Backup

Facebook will build a ZIP file of all your information from your account. After the system makes this file, an email is sent to you with a Download link for the backup of your Facebook account data.  Download and backup this file as you would any business documents.


Depending on how many pictures, friends and comments you have the backup could take a while so don’t panic. Have a great day..


Facebook(TM) is a register trademark. This is just me showing you how we were given the ability to use this cool feature.  This is not an official Facebook(TM) page. Meaning they did not make it. If you have any questions about Facebook(TM) be sure to check out their help Section.


Learn Jennifer Nicole Lee’s Sexy Business Secrets

JNL’s Sexy Business Secrets

Celebrity Fitness Model, Mompreneur, Internet Marketer, Business Woman, Copywriter, Mother, Wife,  and Lifestyle coach.

Jennifer Nicole Lee spills her secrets on how she has created a successful business following her dream. She loves to coach and inspire women achieve true life changing results through health and fitness.

JNL knows sexy sells and sexy is definitely in her marketing mix. Relax hit play and soak in the sexy business secrets she shares about taking your business to the next level.

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