Online Marketing: What it takes, do you have the Guts?

Marketing Online from the Ground Up: Turn your Ideas into Profits.

Lets begin briefly with the end in mind,  I am going to assume the whole reason you want to market your products online is to make money right? Of course it is so just accept this fact and things should be okay.

Learning Marketing or Paying someone to do it is Key.

Getting a sold understanding of what marketing is, how to study the subject, how to transition into the field, and how incorporate the strategies with your current skills will be a great start for improving your income from online sales. Thus with the right planning and action you can improving your profits and  in turn allow you to market more and grow more business online. Now there is a concept.

All the noise and confusion: Some credible Information please!

    • So you ask yourself. “How can I trust or know what I am reading and learning online is accurate, if even remotely good information?” Here are a few things I personally look for/do while doing my “who is this person” and what are they teaching research.

I Google the authors or product  name and find at out what the search engine brings up.

    • I check to see what kind of stuff they put out or where they post and “hang” out online. This can reveal some info about the person.     (You may like or not like what you read or find out about them).
    • It’s always nice to see good things and bad things about the author or product because it shows me  they are human. Your not going to connect with everyone so find a few people who suit your style and model them.
    • Can I contact the person someway and see what kind of JV (Joint Ventures) could possibly be established? Can I just contact them? At all?
    • Google     Richard Kaulfers To do your research on me. I have some goofy stuff out there from who knows when.

I am pointing this out because I want to be completely transparent with you.  Some stuff I teach and write about may have nothing to do with anything your doing or looking for on the other hand you will really like some other things I post and teach.  Don’t be a sheeple, use your brain get educated.  Ask questions!

Getting prepared for WAR (I mean marketing):

Identifying who your target customers are and where they are buying from right now is a great place to start. This will cut out a lot of the “dirty research work” and allow you to get a good snap shot of what you must do to position yourself in their path and get their business. (Did I mention you are entering WAR yet). Yes you are now at WAR.  Of course the real game is to make allies not enemies.

Simple Market Research Tricks

    • Go buy like product(s) /services such as yours online. You want to be the customer   and do what customers does.  Find Reviews, search for “scams”,     find at least 2 or 3 sites selling similar products or services.  Be  sure to search Youtube, Amazon, Ebay, and Google Shopping.  Read what others are saying.
    • I say “buy” because you want to become aware of the check out processes. Was it easy, did they offer bonuses, how is the refund process.
    • Ask, in what ways are these products being advertised online? Did you find  anyone spending money on PPC ads, banner ads, or talks of spam and of course now a day’s Facebook(TM) groups/fan pages. Do people  “like” similar products/service pages? Who is marketing them?
    • You are now an intelligence investigator.  Don’t worry our customers  and clients “openly” tell us just about everything we need to  positively identify and target/connect with them.  Social media makes it easy for  us to gather information so we may effectively solve their  problems.
    • We can now see, hear, and understand who our customers/clients are via social media.  A great tool for the intel part. (Scary now  you are becoming aware of this isn’t it?)  No not really I think it’s great.

Just the Tip of the Burg!

This is just the tip of the marketing iceberg.  Depending how far you want to take your internet marketing and what your goals/ambitions are plan on being in the game for the long haul. Sales & Marketing is fun, brutal, real, dog eat dog,  life changing, and very rewarding. (This depends on how well you learn to handle rejection and disappointment).

I am not perfect or a guru but I can offer you the “truth” from what I have learned, tested, and failed on.

P.S ….You have to ask a question to make it. Be a kid again and ASK Questions!