Fretboard Excercises for the G Note

On your path to learning all the guitar fretboard notes you will begin to become more confident for every note you master. As you know–there are only seven major notes to memorize.

If this is the first note you are going to master on the guitar fretboard here is what I recommend to help keep it fun and interesting.

1. Only practice it for a few minutes at a time. A few before you jam out and a few right before you put your baby back in the case or on the rack.

2. Take it nice and slow–let every note ring out for a few beats than go to the next string. Soon you will be switching fingers skipping strings back and fourth and making it even more interesting.

3. Practice standing up and if you can in front of a mirror.

Sexy G Note

Here are some things to know about the G Note.
String 1: The G-Note is on the (3rd)Third Fret and vibrates at 392.3Hz +-.3
String 2: The G-Note is on the (8th)Eight Fret and vibrates at 392.3Hz +-.3
String 3: The G-Note is Open String and vibrates at 196.1Hz
String 4: The G-Note is on the (5th)Fifth Fret and vibrates at 196.1Hz
String 5: The G-Note is on the (10th)Tenth Fret and vibrates at 196.1Hz
String 6: The G-Note is on the (3rd)Third Fret and vibrates at 98Hz

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Start Selling with Pay Per Click Correctly

Several key elements must be in place before turning on any Adwords traffic your website.  You want to make sure you have all your gears oiled and put them through a few test runs.  If not, it’s likely you will throw a rod and blow the whole thing up and end the race of business with a DNF.

First thing is first, do you know what action you want the user to take when they get to the webpage?  Are they going to be buying something or just coming for content?  If they are going to be buying something you must ensure the order process is a smooth as you can make it at the time, with the resources you have.

Run through the sales process yourself a few times to check.  Better yet have someone else run through the process for you.

Tracking and Analytics, If you ever really want to get the most out of paid traffic you must set up tracking.  Is tracking a 100 percent accurate process, no but it’s a heck of a lot better than no tracking stats at all.

Your budget should be fairly large to get the most out of pay per click platforms, like Google Adwords or Microsoft Bing.  A hundred dollars a day would be great because that would allow you to collect enough data over a shorter period of time to find out what is working and what isn’t.

Another thing you must have a firm grasp of before you start running a Pay Per Click campaign is how much your profit margins are and your long term customer value.  This will allow you to really justify your PPC budget and verify if you’re getting a good return or poor return.

The way things are going with how people order and buy stuff online you must be ready to implement chances often.  Within a year or so the ability for us to reach more devices and with different kinds of ads from video, text, interactive, exclusion, selection based it’s going to important to corner your part of the market as fast as possible.

Two things will always remain constant when it comes to selling products and service. One thing is the words used to sell the products and the service tied to the product.  Just imagine if you couldn’t use the internet to reach people who are ready to buy your products now, would you still be able to find clients and customers with traditional print and street selling?

It’s overlooked and underrated but simple works.

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The Perfect Adwords Manager


Hiring the perfect Adwords manager should be simple.  How simple?  Nothing short of a quick cup of your favorite beverage and everything should be done.  The introduction, the exchange of what you want to what they (the Adwords manager) should be doing.

Your Adwords manager should know exactly what to do to provide you with high quality ready to buy your stuff traffic.  They should know your business better then you do because they will be writing countless highly optimized and persuasive  Ad copy to promote your very services or products.

They need not to bother you with dozens of questions like; what are you selling and how much is your return on costs?  A no point what so ever should you have to let them know what your cost per acquisition is or your breakeven point.

The perfect Adwords manager is both analytical and creative.  They should be knowledgeable and skilled graphic designers as well as have thousands of images to help promote your products and services.

All you should have to do is tell them you need traffic give them the website to send it to and they should know what to do.  Another skill your Adwords manager should have is be in expert in statistical data analysis based on nothing more than intuition and a few quick casual conversations once in a while.

The perfect Adwords manager knows you are too busy to implement any ideas or necessary changes to your content in order for the systems to work correctly.  They should know better than to send you weekly reports of how much you’re spending without ever really know the full return on investment.

To Summarize: Your Adwords Manager Should:

  1. Know exactly who you’re selling to base off outdated incomprehensible website sales copy.  Of course they know your products are for “everybody”.
  2. Write highly targeted direct response Ads to those very same people in item number one.
  3. Knows how well the pay per click campaign is going even though they have no idea what your profit margin is and no tracking ever set up.
  4. Knows that all you care about is spending less as possible but get the most sales you can.
  5. Strives for a 10 out of 10 quality score because you know that is what Google Wants.
  6. Never try to explain why something isn’t done because you read an article About Adwords and know otherwise.
  7. Be extremely thankful you gave them the opportunity to even do any work for them.
  8. Listen and make changes to the account based off your ideas and feelings every other day.
  9. Know that testing is just a myth and Google’s keyword tool is the ultimate resource for knowing what will work or not.
  10. Never make suggestions on how the 7 plus missing parts of the sales process is missing and what to do to fix them.


Now what makes the perfect Adwords Client?



How You Can Beat a Traffic Jam

Just Driving along and WAMMY!

You are driving to work and everything is going good until about five or so minutes from the last turn you have to make…and WAMMM, Gridlock.  Today was the first time I ever saw backed-up traffic of this magnitude (six miles)  in the country on a beautiful crisp morning.

There was a point up ahead  where I could turn around and find another way, of course other people thought of this but I had not yet seen anyone trying to turn around at the time. Maybe they knew something I didn’t.  Okay they all knew something I didn’t but I didn’t care.

This happened to me several years ago on my way to go snowboard and I got lost for three hours only to make it 10 minutes past the  point I turned around at.  Past experience told me to stay and idle in traffic with the rest of the ants and wait it out, but my sense of adventure said turn the @$#@# around enjoy the drive and take a risk, do it you won’t.

Letting go of control..

With the right moment open I whipped the car around and drove into the sunrise , windows down, tunes up and hardly a car around.  About 10-15 minutes later I was in front of the traffic jam, but did I really make any headway? Sure did, I had a friend in the same traffic jam about 20 cars ahead of me, I called him to ask the location he was in after I reached to the front of the traffic jam and into the office. He had only moved several hundred feet from that time.

Moments likes this set the day off right, other then a good breakfast but one can’t help but feel, hell yes I took the chance and I won, I won not sitting in traffic and letting a situation I couldn’t control mess with my emotions.

It’s the whole control thing really

Several years ago I would have gotten pretty mad and pissed off at the people in the traffic jam for not spacing out far enough to just cruse through it without stopping.  A feat where everyone must let go of control and go with the flow, but better off I just said heck, even if I didn’t make it anywhere at least I wasn’t stuff between exhaust pipes and I knew the work wasn’t going anywhere.

I learned a lot over the past several years about letting go of control, kind of like the movie Office Space. I still give a “$uck” about getting work done or taking care of business but it’s so much smoother and less stressful.  In fact I enjoy traffic jams now if I am stuck in them.  Because I can control my behavior  and sort of predict the behavior of other drivers it becomes a comedy show to see how we sometimes let little things in life get to us.

There are a lot of “life hacks” to be passed on.

You and I both know life is full of lessons but sometimes we forget them.  Stay connected through the mailing list to learn and share ways to live life easier by doing less and getting more. 

Own Your Day,

Richard Kaulfers


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Mr. Jonathan Budd is Growing Up So Fast

In response to Jonathan Budd’s 2011 reflections.


It’s wasn’t until a few years ago when I really mentally understood how ‘kinesthetic physiology’ worked for with me.  When I did, and started to connect the events in my life and the feelings I had before or after them, it stopped me in my tracks.

This is when my ears become even better then my eyes and my intuition began to grow even stronger.  Like you said,  if someone isn’t out looking to learn how to become “more mind body connected”,  and develop stronger intuition.  It’s very easy to settle for the normal mundane, same old, same old lifestyle.

 Learning and Mastering Kinesthetic Physiology

I have had a few conversations with people I hardly knew at the time who was trying to explain how they did things sometimes which didn’t make sense.  But they knew it was just the right thing to do.  The JUST GO FOR IT attitude.

What is really cool is many people do this a-lot but it’s on  a deeper level then verbal communication.  The only way I can explain it is;

Its those instantaneous moments you take when you really have no idea what the outcome will be.

  • But in reality your subconscious mind has been working non stop to set you up for just the perfect moment, almost premeditated.
  • Time is not a factor and one can’t calculate when something is going to happen, but it will and moving on the opportunity when it comes.

People get bored so Business Changes

There are a few products in the world someone could sell which don’t change much over time, but only the way they are viewed does.  “Organic Milk” in the U.S.A is what People in Germany call Normal Milk.  So what is Organic Milk in Germany?  Awesome…

If one things is true Mr. Budd,  people want to buy products and services.  Nothing changed there, now tell them the cool way to buy, the better way, anyone willing to do so usually does pretty good on the books.

Technology changes so keep up nothing new there.  But master the principles of human nature and your set for life.

Feeling BAD?

The cost of doing business is a mere write-off when developing something, glad you have the capital to not worry about losing a few bucks.  I think you know just as well as the next entrepreneur  most people will never take their dreams as far as they want to because of the poor relationship they have with money.

Johnathan Budd You’re Growing Up

As far as kinesthetic physiology goes,  I was just waking up this morning and the thought popped in my head.  What is this guy up to now, so I looked and read your post on your reflections and if what you saying is true then it looks like someone has been keeping their mouth shut and ears open a bit longer then a past few years.

Who really needs “Proof of Concept” anyways?  I guess will find out later.

Have a wonderful day JB


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