Best Subs and Sandwiches in Roy Utah

Dam Good Subs and Sandwiches in Roy Utah

I lived in and around Roy Utah for several years.  During those years I made sure I found some good places to get lunch, dinner, or a snack before going to PowMow, but this place slipped past me for for the longest time.

After getting picked up from Salt Lake Airport one morning  I brought up the idea of grabbing some lunch to my friend.
He said “I have just the place.”..

Who knew it was a Franchise?

He said “Will hit up Gandolfo’s, they have awesome sandwiches.  There is this one called the Urban Cowboy its pretty good.”

“Where is this place?”, I asked Josh.  “It’s on Riverdale about 15 minutes from the shop”, he said.

I have driven up and down Riverdale a-lot, passing the many Ken Garth dealerships, pawn shops, and of course the BLOW out Mattress sales building.  I never heard of nor saw this sandwich shop one calls
Gandolfos  New York Style Deli

Order Up!

Gandolfos New York Deil Inside

Parking is limited and shared with several other shops.  We arrived around 11’o-clock and there was only two couples sitting at the tables.  I was surprised of the big selection of sandwiches they have on the menu.  Which is categorized pretty nicely for you easy ordering pleasure.  I ordered the “New Yorker“, now I do not recall  everything put on the sandwich but I do remember I saved one half for later.  It was stacked and pretty darn good.

The lunch crowd rolled in right after we received our order.  Just a heads up..

You can also get Farr Ice-Cream in there as well, which is  produced in Ogden Utah.  I’ve been their too,  great vintage ice cream parlor.

Repeat customer..Yup

Several weeks later me and some friends were standing in a subway on the other side of town.  I looked at my buddies and said “wait, I know a better place to go.”  We went to Gandolfos, it was their first time and they too were hooked.   The potato soup, German potato salad are also good.

Good Service

What I really like about the shop is the fact they were in the same location for 8 years, and it only took me a few years to hear about it through the best form of marketing, word of mouth.  Sometimes slower but still for a sandwich shop I thought was family owned, and it is in a way, they do a great job there.

Hungry and in Roy, Ogden, or Layton Utah. Go try the best Dam Sub and Sandwich I thought  it was a Mom and Pop Shop..Nope. Just Gandolfo’s New York  Deli.

Location and Details:

Tell’em Rick Sent You.


Basics Terms of SEM and Adwords

The Road to Marketing Online Professionally


As any profession starting off with a basic foundation is a must to become successful with long term results.  Becoming a Certified Adwords Expert is no different.  Lets explore the very foundation and understanding of marketing online via Pay Per Click, particularity this series is about Google’s Adwords.

Search Engine Marketing and Online Advertising

When someone goes to a search engine and types in a phrase for a product or service they are looking for, they are given a list of returns hopefully relevant to what they are looking for. Those results are a product of Search Engine Marketers.

Companies who utilize SEM as part of their online marketing mix are just scratching the surface of the many ways you can advertise online.

Online Advertising

A broad term complied of many ways you can promote your products and services via the INTERNET.  Today Online marketing is everything from videos, audio’s, mobile pages, text messaging, and just about any way a device and person interact electronically.

How much Search Engine Marketing To Use

Specializing in a particular marketing method can bring in different results from different mediums.  If you were wondering how much effort you should apply into using search engines to promote your products or service, the answer is a simple as this.  As much as you possibly can and more.
Of course you must set your goals and figure out how much you are seeking to get in your Return in Investment, ROI.

You could spend months and thousands with companies working on getting your listings ranking high in search results or work on a paid advertising method.

Paid versus Organic

You can pay to have your results at the top of search engines or stick to organic listings.  Paid is the fastest but not always the best method, depending on your funding and profit margins.

Pay Per Click, you pay the search engine everytime someone clicks on an ad you create.

Organic simply means the search engine rates your page worthy enough to get top listings in the results.

Set Your Goals

Do you want to promote a message or do you want the view/user to buy a product or service right now?

How much is this customer worth to you? Calculate your cost per acquisition CPA to track your goals when you start running paid SEM ads.
Google Adwords

Because Google has most of the search traffic online, we can really expand our business by following simple principles of selling.  Give the customer what they want when they want it and do it before the competition.


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How to Get a Free Phone Number

Setup Google Voice For FREE

Setting up Google Voice is a really simple process. In this video I walk you through how I first setup my Google Voice when I first received an invitation.  Now anyone can get a Google Voice Number.

You have two options with Google Voice, set it up as a number or just use voice for free voice-mail.

How to get a free phone number with Google voice.

Google voice invitation page.

Get on the list by going to the following site.

How to setup Google Voice in under five minutes.

Pick the phone-number you want to use add the phone number you want to link together and save your settings. You can turn on and off features in the settings control when you’re logged into your Google Account.

Smartphones will allow you to have options to call from either number you want and you can have voice-mail sent you in a text or email. All voice-mails are downloadable in mp3 format.

You can customize your calling options to block or allow people and have them go to custom voice-mail settings.


If you want to learn more about any of those features request a training video below in the comment section.


Organizing files and META Data for SEO

Information is fuel for the spiders and the more organized the data and information you have the better.
In this video I outline a few steps you can do to assist in your organization skills of your data files.

Outline of the Steps in the Video

1. Right click on your file
2. Click on properties
3. Then go the the “Details” tab
4. Fill in the relevant information
5. Apply then click okay.

That will added the meta data to the file and assist in your own organization and as technologies get smarter you will be ahead of the curve. The kind of SEO or Serach Engine Organization will assist you greatly as yo begin to accumulate many files and documents in the future and for backing up your system. A little extra effort now will save you a lot of time in the future.

Please ask your questions in the comment section and get on the mailing list to stay up to date with the content.

Do you have any tips or organizing your files if so be sure to write a trackback post on your site.




Building a Personal Business Online from the Ground UP

It’s not to often you get to see what really goes on “behind” the on-line business curtains. So here you go a behind the look at a putting together an on-line business.

This is a kick off of a series “whats going on” videos and posts along with tips and hints along the way. This isn’t a how to on the topic but more of a ride along like in COPS, maybe will get some chase footage too. For now take a look about starting off with a little research.

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It’s really offline that counts

All the businesses on-line take place “off-line” that is you will be putting in the time and going through the process. This isn’t new, cutting edge, or even amazing.  I guess that is why all those “leaders” and “teachers” out there who talk about on-lines do no show it because it shows what really happens.