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Good and  Bad Addictions

The show-up and tell situation comes to mind. That is show-up and tell one self excuses as to “why” destructive habits we do are “just how I am”.

It’s almost as one either forgets why they started a task or they remember why but a bad habit/addiction overwhelms them not to start.

Richard Bandler and Milton Erickson are two individuals I have invested many hours studying and practicing their lessons and continue to do so. Mostly for self awareness of my own habits, anchors, and reactions to situations. Doing so has allowed me to become quite relaxed in my look on life over the past few years and become very aware of how others use words and physical movements as tells.  Skilled poker players are very good that this, they can spot the tells.

NLP Quicky Sidenote:

NLP=Richard Bandler needed something to call the “nothing” that he practices so he could get paid, he says it many many times that it is “Made up, not real, and just some words for the tax books”.

Of course the activities of NLP are nothing more then becoming away of our own subconscious reactions, turning them into responses by altering the effect we have on our self and “others”.

Habbits Learned at Young Age

I spent the day with a few others filming a short documentary about a family owned world class gymnastics business. What impressed me the most was that 3-5 year old kids could flip, fly, toss, balance, twirl, swing and all kinds of stuff with what looks like ease. Some cried, some tried harder, some didn’t try at all but it was “walking” for them.

And as grown adults who fear going to the gym, dropping a bad habit and developing a better one, usually all stems back to some past experience, that consciously they forgot but subconsciously is still clear as day.

Guilty as charged.

I am absolutely guilty of having good intentions and waiting to act on them but over the past several years I developed the skill of releasing setting “goals” to big and getting out from between my ears and working on just a few things at time. Releasing and Relaxing may not be everyone’s style but its a nice one to develop.

Practicing NLP on Others

This is nothing new and everyone does it in some way or another. Think about a school teacher over the course of the class you notice how the teacher reacts to you not completing your homework. So over this time you develop a style an approach to this situation when the time arises you must tell them you didn’t do yours. You play out the seniro in your head over and over, the words the commentary back and forth and then execute the situation. That is NLP and many many other things we do daily are as well.

I played the laughing anchor game one evening before a few friends and I went out to a party.  Every-time this person would laugh I would be sure to be in their view and then repeat an action. After about 30 minutes or so I would repeat that action when the person was not laughing and they could immediately start to smile then laugh and almost mirror the action subconsciously.

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How to Master the Guitar Fretboard.

How to Master the Guitar Fretboard. Learning the B Note.

Learning the B Note On the Neck

How to Learn all the Notes in the Guitar.

In this guitar training video you will learn the guitar fretboard note B.  This simple guitar exercise will train you to quickly identify where the A note is located on any string on the guitar fretboard. By learning where the notes are positioned. You can better understand how chords are built, how scales flow, and how to find the best progressions to really become your own player. Of course that is the long term goal of any guitarist.

Why I didn’t Go Past the 12th Fret.

You will notice in the training video I do not go past the twelfth fret.  That is because on the fretboard the notes start over on the twelfth fret. When you play fret 19th fret you are one octave higher from the 7th fret.  The first B note on String one is on the seventh fret.

A Lesson from an Long Player.

If you are like me then you learn something on the guitar and dump it a short while down the road. At least I used to do that a lot when first starting playing the guitar. In my beginning years of playing I learned all the chords and a few scales. I never wanted to play anyone else’s songs, big mistake but also very helpful at the same time. Doing so allowed me to become a bit more versatile.

What I learned from a long time player who worked the bars and club’s playing top 40 hits with his band. Learn one song at a time. It’s that simple, one song at a time. Because you are on your way to being an exceptional guitarist you will be able to add your own style to those songs when you learn all the notes on the fretboard. Have we covered that enough yet?

Really Really being disciplined.

I am amazed that the greatest guitar licks in the world came from players who only had the radio and their imagination to learn with. Unlike today we have the ability and tools to play with just about anyone anywhere any time. So why not take all we can get.

Practice with a purpose. Every time you pick up the guitar warm up with a simple note recognition exercise. Such as the video at the top of the page but most of all keep practicing.


5 Principles of Adwords Text Ads

1. Understanding the Power of Adwords Text Ads.

Are you familiar with twitter? Googles Text Ads for Adwords is very similar to twitter in that you only have a very limited amount
of space to say what it is you want to say. What the significance with this  limited space is that quality matters for your Ad Copy.

What  you are promoting in your Ad must be very direct (hint: Direct Response) and to the point, that would be the Call to Action. If the user is not told what to do or the Ad Copy is not really realative for them, you wont get the click and your Ad will start to show poor performance.

2. How much space does Adwords Text Ads have?

The Ad being displayed is built on four lines of text broken down as follows:

  • Headline: Only 25 Characters, this includes spaces. Warning:Foreign languages take up double characters.
  • First Line: Limited to 35 Characters
  • Second Line: Also Limited to 35 Characters.
  • URL: 35 Characters are shown but the URL may be longer

How you craft your text Ad will have a positive or negative effect on the Ad performance for your keyword list. Sometimes not using all the space works better then trying to fill it all up. When you are building your Text Ad always split test the Ad by changing ONE significant variable at a time. This may reveal what works better or not for the Ad Copy.

3. How to keep Google Happy with your Text Ad.

Google likes the Truth. So do not lie or hype up the Text Ad. Even simple claims like “We are Number 1!”,must have a legitimate third party validation. STOP SCREAMING and Adding Capitol Letters To Every Word. Spelling and Grammar should not be messed up to get attention. Slogans for branding may be the exception to that rule.Using symbols correctly in the Text Ad. Three Common Symbols are Trademark, Copyright, and Registered Trademark. Use other symbols only when necessary.

4. Stay on the path or get bitten.

To make this simple and clear. The URL listed in the Ad must match the landing page URL. Now this is really referring to the top level domain. Also  the landing page must be congruent with the Text Ad. If your Ad is about shoes then landing page should not be about hats. You may be sending them to your store so make sure your Ad sends them to that product or service offer that the Ad was for.

5. You can not pick the winning Ad but you can Test.

One of the most rewarding principles I have learned about direct response marketing is that we can not pick the winners. When we build our Text Ads based on what we know our customers wants and needs are. The text Ad that should convert better for the Ad Group but we wont know until we start sending traffic in front of the Ad.

If you think an Ad is going to flop TEST IT! You very well might be surprised at the results the Ad brings in.


The big game is to keep Google Happy and give your customers what it is they are looking for. Don’t Lie, hype or deceive Google or your customers and you should do well.

What are your thoughts on Keeping Google Happy? Is it worth it or would you rather use a different means of online marketing?

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What are Adwords Keywords?

Understanding Google Adwords Keywords

When I first started learning about online marketing, two words always seemed to pop up in every online marketing conversation, lesson, book, article, video or whatever medium it was at the time. Those two words were and still are Keywords and Traffic.

Today in my Google Adwords Professional certification training I am learning about Keywords and how they are used in Googles PPC Pay Per Click auctions. Like SEO, the keywords we put in our keyword and keyphrase list will trigger our Ads to display. In other words when someone searches for something we are running an ad campaign for.

Am I the only one getting the feeling that having a good understanding of how to find, research and implement a good keyword list will be very very beneficial to our Pay Per Click success?

Broad Phrase and Exact Keywords

Have you ever heard someone say “That is a very broad statement.” Just as word broad suggest, your Ad will be displayed for words or phrases that relate to the broad term if that is how you set them.

For an example, I want to run my Ad for my local Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich shop. I have a few broad match keywords of…let’s say Raspberry Jam. Any search with the word Raspberry or Jam in it or anything related to those words could trigger the Ad, like Blackberry Jam thus leaving my Ad to be displayed for not so relevant search queries. Doing so could result in lower clicks, lower Quality Score and more wasted money. A very untargeted method to use the Pay Per Click budget.

How about Phrase Match

Adding Phrase match keywords to the list will trigger an Ad that has two or more words combined within the search.

With phrase match key phrases my Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich campaign will show for, Jelly Sandwich but the Ad would not show for “Which Jelly is better for my Sandwich.” As long as the keyphrase matches two words that are next to each other your Ad will show.

The advice I received when I am building my phrase match keyword list is that I want to focus on the main idea of the search or intent. Why is the searcher using that key-phrase? What problem are they looking to solve? Are just a few questions I must ask myself to find out if the meaning of the search is even relative?

Exactly what do you mean.

Exactly what are you talking about? In normal conversation I appreciate when someone can ask exactly what they are looking by being direct and to the point. That is my style and what happens most of the time are long drawn out stories. Exact Match keywords and key-phrases are words that will trigger your PPC Ad for that exact phrase only. [Peanut butter and Jelly] will only show for that phrase with that spelling. If it does not match exactly what the searcher typed then the Ad will not show.

How can Exact Match be helpful in pay per click? Using exact match keywords will be helpful when battling for strong keywords and you know specifically what people are searching for and why they are searching using that keyword. This can boost keyword prices but also if played right can boost Ad conversations.

Why so Negative?

In life I like to move away from negative people and situations as much as possible. Running PPC campaigns is not too far from that truth as well. Keeping away from those pesky keywords that do nothing but suck the life out of your Google Adwords campaign and drain your marketing budget is a must. This is why we put those unwanted fouls in the Negative Keyword basket. Your ad will not trigger for words placed in the negative keywords list.

Things are getting Fancy.

From what the seasoned vets are teaching me, the tools that are at our disposal as Certified Adwords Professionals today are just amazing, such as the broad match modifiers we can use to add many variations of keywords that may have been left out in the keyword list.

The Bottom Line.

Keywords may be confusing at first but use only the tools provided for that platform and let the tools give you a list of keywords to build off of. They want us to spend the money on keywords that are profitable so that we may continue to grow and spend more money.

I will get into keyword research later on in the lessons but for now lets become more familiar with the types of keywords used.




Getting Google Adwords Certified. The Start.

I am documenting my journey on becoming a Certified Google Adwords Professional(TM). This journey of internet marketing started almost two years ago from today when I became very interested in the sales and marketing industry. I desired to understand what traits and characteristics were held by some of the best individuals and companies in the field of sales and marketing, particularly in the online environment.

My journey began what I started researching companies, books on sales training, marketing, copywriting, and entrepreneurship for the technology age. I have attended courses and seminars on various sales and marketing topics. All of which have contributed immensely to my understanding and growth in this area of conducting business online and offline.

Entrepreneurship has always been part of my life.

I grew up surrounded by entrepreneurs, from my grandfathers carpenter business to my step father’s truck repair stations, and my mother’s auto garage adventure too my own leaf raking and computer repair business. I picked up skills along the way that allowed me to be business savvy, most work came from menial style jobs but they were all part of the growth process. The skills and lessons I learned from those experiences have allowed me to connect with some great business leaders of today for whom I get to study and learn from almost daily.

Technology is my thing.

Growing up in the technology/internet age I developed a very good aptitude working in the computer repair field. I used those skills to fund most of my way through a two year technical degree in the computer networking sector. Much of the work I did was through word of mouth and understanding how frustrating people can get when they do not understand why their computers don’t work.

I used the internet to search for common PC issues I would run into along the way. That is how I become very aware of how the internet has changed the way traditional businesses can reach their market and my ever increasing passion to learn the ins and outs on online sales and marketing.

The journey starts yesterday.

This continuing documentation will be my aid in obtaining Google’s Adword Certification(TM). As I complete training, lesson exercises, and running my initial Google PPC Campaigns I will be documenting my lessons learned and creating short commentary videos all to help sink the information into the subconscious mind and connect with you along the way.

I want to thank the professionals like Jim Yaghi, Laura Callow, Kate Morris, Joe Laratro, and the Google(TM) Training Team. For putting together the best training there is on the subject. Learning from past experiences is what we do best.

Welcome to the Journey.

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