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How Can Better Communication Skill Improve Your Daily Routine

One day I walked into the office I was working at and I said, “I want to learn sales”, this was around early 2009.  Once I communicated this out loud it became stuck in my mind.  And that is where I started my search on professional sales training.  I’m creating a reference list of the training materials I’ve studied and continue to study to this day. Starting with one person who has played a big role in assisting me really improve my communication skills.

The training I’ve had in the world of sales has spanned the rage from down right manipulation to solid negotiation where all parties benefit far greater than they could without the deal at hand.  What is good salesmanship? What really makes all parts of the business transaction a good deal for everybody involved.  This is a good starting point, good salesmanship is also being able to answer objections before they come up.  This part is key in learning and is really the root of the communication process.  Because like me and you we want the best for us when we buy things or even barter.  The person who has what we want also want a good deal to.  It’s both parties job to understand and compromise/justify the transaction.

The key element I’ve always used when it comes to selling is never leave a detail out and I like to state price upfront because price seems to be the biggest objection for most people and this can save you a lot of time.  Ensuring you’re only talking to people who are really interested in your product or service.  Learning how to communicate in your own way takes time and practice.  The number one thing I’ve learned in the world of sales is each person has their own way of using the tools of the trade.  The fundamentals are just that, the underlying reason you will become successful in your sales profession is because you’ll learn and understand at a conscious level, also known as being in the moment.

Communication University

The person who I’ve learned a great deal about personal and business communication was introduced to me through someone who was also after the same goals.  About a year after I stated I am going to learn sales and what professional selling is and isn’t I was introduced to Jeffery Combs, and  for the past 3 years and to this day I’ve been a student of  Jeffery’s coaching/lessons in the world of communication.  Why am I telling you this? Why are you asking? I’d just like to say that if you’re seeking to become a master communicator this could be a good place to start.  For me, the training in Jeffery’s Physiology of Asking series was all I listen to in my car and practice to this day, but now it’s pretty much second nature in my daily life.

Jeffery Combs Richard Kaulfers

Jeffery and Richard


I’ll say right now when I started using these tools and lesson it was awaking in seeing how disconnected most of us really are in  the daily life of 9 to 5.  Most of us are operating on auto pilot and not really living in the moment.  Which is pretty much the key aspect of being a master communicator.  Example: How many times a week do you hear these phrases, “I’m not good with names, can you repeat that, did I really say that, what is today’s date?” And many more phrases we say subconsciously to validate and justify our disconnected of the moment.

Which Of Jeffery’s Training Do I Recommend

All of it, the entire library.

CDs On a Shelf

Jeffery Comb’s Training


Here is a phrase you can start using today to get on the path to better communication.

When someone you’re talking with say “I don’t know”, your just response should be without hesitation, “If you did know what would you say?”  Practice that and you’ll be surprised on how many people are just unsure of what they want to say and you just gave them permission to say it.

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