Building a Personal Business Online from the Ground UP

It’s not to often you get to see what really goes on “behind” the on-line business curtains. So here you go a behind the look at a putting together an on-line business.

This is a kick off of a series “whats going on” videos and posts along with tips and hints along the way. This isn’t a how to on the topic but more of a ride along like in COPS, maybe will get some chase footage too. For now take a look about starting off with a little research.

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It’s really offline that counts

All the businesses on-line take place “off-line” that is you will be putting in the time and going through the process. This isn’t new, cutting edge, or even amazing.  I guess that is why all those “leaders” and “teachers” out there who talk about on-lines do no show it because it shows what really happens.


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