Dirty Dozen Dance Drinks

Making A Dirty Dozen Dance Drink Mash-up Video

I’ve been playing listening to a lot more top 40s music over the last year and I’ve come to relies why I could care less for 96& of the songs that are on the radio.
Now I understand POP music is made to sell and things that sell are simple and catchy.  But how much of it is designed to do other things as well?

Subliminal Messages in Music

Crack open a cold one of your favorite music conspiracy and go to town.  There are enough to go round but one I enjoy and picked up on my own years ago was booze, there are a lot of songs about boozing.
Let’s sell a twelve pack of mashed up songs about boozing.

Here is how I’m  doing it:

  • 1. I need to learn how to remix songs and what makes a good mix.  Where do I learn this?

Google searches:  Beat Mixing, How to Mix Songs, Top 40s remixes are just a few.


The place I’ve learned the most about remixing and audio software was/is at Lynda.com I do have a full membership.  The software I am using to make this Drunken Dancing Boozies is Adobe Primer Pro CS6 and Adobe Audition CS6.  Not only is it a music mash up it’s also a video mash-up.


  • 2.  Finding the songs I want to use that follow the same theme: Drinking and Dancing, I’d like to use songs that encourage both of those in the same song and better yet same verse, hook or chorus.
  • 3. Get the music videos at there highest quality possible.

Vimeo, Youtube, and Other sources will be searched to find these music videos.

Tools: Firefox with the add-on flashgot ill be used to grab the videos.

  • 4. Organize and Chop up the clips in Adobe Primer CS6
  • 5. Send sequence to Audition CS6 and organize the tracks as in there as well.
  • 6. Use the Adobe library to help create beats for transitions and mixing the songs. And other Free song library’s to backing tracks and stuff to help make it come together.
  • 7. Mix-down and export the track to Adobe Primere than render the final video.

That is the flow of things but I’ve learned a lot of lessons about music and mixing from the Team at RealTraps.com Ethan Winer has some great info out there about that.  Other sources are listed below as well.



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