Flying Camera Quad-Copter For Profit and Business

Green Quadcopter CX-10

What will it take to start flying a quad-copter with a camera for profit?

Alphabet organizations are working on making regulations for  “drones”, personal quad-copters, Unmanned Aircraft Systems–or what ever you want to call them– right now in the U.S.A. [2015] Updated Regulations: FAA Rules for Business Quad-Copters

Currently estimated start-up costs to get into the aerial photography business is around seven to 10-thousand U.S dollars.

Aerial video and photo for profit is nothing new all over the country pilots  fly around and take video and photos of just about everything there is on the ground.  Now technology is allow non-pilots to take to the sky’s and capture great imagery and break into the business.

Before Drones We Had Terraserver For Arial Images

Terraserver offered a new way to view land from the air via satellite photos.  I remember printing off grids and taping them together to get large aerial land maps. But now with local quad-copters and personal drone with 4k cameras and more we can get current images at a great price.

Aerial shots for pleasure are great and offer a lot of cool views of the land below but turning the video and photos into a profitable business won’t be as smooth as bread and butter.

The entry fee into the business could be as high as 25,000 dollars.  Factor in the equipment, training, getting your foot in the door, travel, editing time, printing ect.  If you’re going shoot video the video has to be HD or even 4K and you’ll have to get that video edited and color graded.

Learn about COAs, Section 333 and more legislation to come as they figure out a way to profit off your efforts. Also the AMA is fighting for the cause.

Flying micro-copters is a great way to get the training you need before breaking out a few thousand dollars.

Check out Lifeblood Marketing CX10 Quadcopter videos to see about a cheap way to learn how to fly.

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