Flying the Glidecam Smooth Shooter

After using the HD-2000 glidecam sled for a few weeks handheld.  It was time to add in the flavor of love to the set.  The ying to the yang to so speak in smooth shooting gear.  Our office picked up the Glide Cam Smooth Shooter for our setup and below is the video I made of my first ever flight with the rig.  I’ve had no other training on the rig other than running around hand going hand held so this was a new experience.

We mostly shoot uncontrolled action and shoot on the sticks bu more and more we are running around stick free.  So after a few hours of training we’ll be sure to get this down nicely.

The camera used in the particular shoot was the Canon XA-25 and it was set to automatic mode.  I didn’t want to fuss with any setting for my first run.



Now when it comes time for training with the system.  I’m going to have to rely on youtube and vimeo for some workshop demos and build our own training.  Also below are a few references you might be intrested in if you’re going to pick one of these systems up.  It’s good to know the roots of the movements and the people that made this thing a standard hollywood production tool.


Check out these two clips from the show Science of the Movies:


Of course Steadycam is the big dogs while Glidecam is more for hobby/armature video.

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