Fretboard Exercises for the D Note

Mastering the notes on the guitar fretboard takes time and a bit of consistency in playing. After years of just messing around I figured I’d better expand my skills from just basic strumming and a few scales to really understanding how and why the notes sound like they do. This is what I do when I am just picking up the guitar for the first time in the day to help commit the notes to memory.
I focus on one note a week and warm up picking the note in each position on each string going up and down the strings while switch which finger frets the next note.

Here are where the note positions are for the D note in the first 12 frets for each string. Mind you this is all standard tuning.

String 1: (10th)Tenth Fret and vibrates at 588Hz.
String 2: (3th)Third Fret and Vibrates at 294Hz.
String 3: (7th)Seventh Fret and vibrates at 294Hz.
String 4: Open and vibrates at 147Hz.
String 5: (5th)Fifth Fret and vibrates at 147Hz.
String 6: (10th)Tenth Fret and vibrates at 147Hz.

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