How to Make a WordPress Video Background Without Plug-in

I’ve been seeing a lot of site with cool motion and or video backgrounds on their pages.  So I to want to be able to do this on a page for my wordpress site.  Of course I don’t want to use a plug-in.  There has to be some source code somewhere in the open which allows us to do this trick.

I’ll start my journey off with a trip down google lane and a support form I’m part of to seek out some answers.

The Quesiton:

How can I have a video loop in my wordpress background without using a plug-in

Which langue do I code in to have a video background play on a page in my wordpress site


Free Videos to Use for Backgrounds:

I’ve created several videos to test out the methods I learn to do this trick.  If you’d like to check them out just head over to my channel on the youtube/lifebloodmarking.

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