How to Master the Guitar Fretboard.

How to Master the Guitar Fretboard. Learning the B Note.

Learning the B Note On the Neck

How to Learn all the Notes in the Guitar.

In this guitar training video you will learn the guitar fretboard note B.  This simple guitar exercise will train you to quickly identify where the A note is located on any string on the guitar fretboard. By learning where the notes are positioned. You can better understand how chords are built, how scales flow, and how to find the best progressions to really become your own player. Of course that is the long term goal of any guitarist.

Why I didn’t Go Past the 12th Fret.

You will notice in the training video I do not go past the twelfth fret.  That is because on the fretboard the notes start over on the twelfth fret. When you play fret 19th fret you are one octave higher from the 7th fret.  The first B note on String one is on the seventh fret.

A Lesson from an Long Player.

If you are like me then you learn something on the guitar and dump it a short while down the road. At least I used to do that a lot when first starting playing the guitar. In my beginning years of playing I learned all the chords and a few scales. I never wanted to play anyone else’s songs, big mistake but also very helpful at the same time. Doing so allowed me to become a bit more versatile.

What I learned from a long time player who worked the bars and club’s playing top 40 hits with his band. Learn one song at a time. It’s that simple, one song at a time. Because you are on your way to being an exceptional guitarist you will be able to add your own style to those songs when you learn all the notes on the fretboard. Have we covered that enough yet?

Really Really being disciplined.

I am amazed that the greatest guitar licks in the world came from players who only had the radio and their imagination to learn with. Unlike today we have the ability and tools to play with just about anyone anywhere any time. So why not take all we can get.

Practice with a purpose. Every time you pick up the guitar warm up with a simple note recognition exercise. Such as the video at the top of the page but most of all keep practicing.

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