Mastering the Guitar Fretboard: Get a notebook and a metronome.

Mastering the Guitar Fretboard: Get a notebook and a metronome.

Mastering the Guitar Fretboard: Week three update.

After a week of practicing learning the notes on the fretboard using the one note at a time method. I have noticed a big difference in the time I am able to recall where the notes on the fretboard are on each string. My goal is to be able to recall the notes at any given time in under three seconds by February nineteenth two thousand eleven.

How to get the most out of your guitar practice time.

When you pick up your guitar and start to practice, do you have a set method for making the most out of your practice time? Until recently I never did have a plan of attack when I played my guitar. I would just pick up the guitar get on the internet and look for the tabs to some song I had in my head that I wanted to learn to play. Hours would go by and I was playing six different parts of ten different songs because I would jump around so many times in those hours. This took me no where in my guitar playing. When I finally picked one song that I to learn, play, and sing I just focused on that song. It wasn’t long before I had the guitar out at the campfire playing some songs and having everyone sing along. That is always the funnest part about playing the guitar.

Some tips for improving your practice time and playing.

You made the decision that you are really going to learn how to use the guitar fretboard for maximum efficiency in your playing. That almost sounds like to much but its just playing to get the best out of your self and the guitar. Be sure to pick a song that you enjoy and is something that can be song along by a few people when out at a social gathering. You dont even need to bring your guitar because I found that just about where ever you go there is one. Of course you could if you want to I always brought mine just encase I got bored and wanted to spice things up a bit. Now write down the song in your guitar notebook. What you dont have a guitar notebook? Go into the stack of unused school papers and junk and rip out the old notes that you never looked at anyway. Now write Guitar Notebook on it, good. Put in the following.

  • I am going to practice learning all the notes on the fretboard for at least 15 minutes first.
  • I will pick only one song to work on until I get the song memorized before I move on.
  • I will practice one scale at a time of my choice to start to expand my playability.
  • I love to play the guitar because: write in why you love to play the guitar.
  • I am going to be a life time guitar student. Mastering one lesson at time.
  • The metronome is my friend. (Get one if you don’t have one, they are free online.)

Weekly guitar practice wrap up.

Understand that daily consistence playing will lead to great results with your guitar playing. Keep your playing fun, simple, and results driven. Remember to play slow until you get the music down. Just like lifting weights, the amount of weight you move isn’t as important in relation to the right form. Break up the song, scale, or practice you are learning into sections to make it even more easy. Most importantly have fun and before you know it you will master the guitar fretboard.

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