How to Get a Free Phone Number

Setup Google Voice For FREE

Setting up Google Voice is a really simple process. In this video I walk you through how I first setup my Google Voice when I first received an invitation.  Now anyone can get a Google Voice Number.

You have two options with Google Voice, set it up as a number or just use voice for free voice-mail.

How to get a free phone number with Google voice.

Google voice invitation page.

Get on the list by going to the following site.

How to setup Google Voice in under five minutes.

Pick the phone-number you want to use add the phone number you want to link together and save your settings. You can turn on and off features in the settings control when you’re logged into your Google Account.

Smartphones will allow you to have options to call from either number you want and you can have voice-mail sent you in a text or email. All voice-mails are downloadable in mp3 format.

You can customize your calling options to block or allow people and have them go to custom voice-mail settings.


If you want to learn more about any of those features request a training video below in the comment section.

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  • Martin M.


    I have set up a google voice system, but mistakenly used my cell number which must be terminated and replaced with a land line. However, I cannot access Google Voice Homepage and process a change using search or to enter my preferred number.

    Can you help me. Signed: bonehead!

  • login and in the upper side of the page you will see a “gear” icon, which will lead to settings, in settings you can change the number. It will call your land-line to verify its really you. You will have to enter the verification code to confirm.

  • sanaullah

    hi . i checked your video HOW TO GET CELL NO, FOR GOOGLE VOICE. from youtube.
    i am out side USA and i want to setup my voicemail account on google. so how i can verify mail account . because i dont have USA number for receive or verify voicemail account.
    i am in UAE and cell is 00971-552361762. but googlevoice not accept this number for verification.
    can u help me please …………………thanks

  • Want to delete old google voice # account. Get new # and new account

  • Iwant to learn more please sent me a trainig vedio