How You Can Beat a Traffic Jam

Just Driving along and WAMMY!

You are driving to work and everything is going good until about five or so minutes from the last turn you have to make…and WAMMM, Gridlock.  Today was the first time I ever saw backed-up traffic of this magnitude (six miles)  in the country on a beautiful crisp morning.

There was a point up ahead  where I could turn around and find another way, of course other people thought of this but I had not yet seen anyone trying to turn around at the time. Maybe they knew something I didn’t.  Okay they all knew something I didn’t but I didn’t care.

This happened to me several years ago on my way to go snowboard and I got lost for three hours only to make it 10 minutes past the  point I turned around at.  Past experience told me to stay and idle in traffic with the rest of the ants and wait it out, but my sense of adventure said turn the @$#@# around enjoy the drive and take a risk, do it you won’t.

Letting go of control..

With the right moment open I whipped the car around and drove into the sunrise , windows down, tunes up and hardly a car around.  About 10-15 minutes later I was in front of the traffic jam, but did I really make any headway? Sure did, I had a friend in the same traffic jam about 20 cars ahead of me, I called him to ask the location he was in after I reached to the front of the traffic jam and into the office. He had only moved several hundred feet from that time.

Moments likes this set the day off right, other then a good breakfast but one can’t help but feel, hell yes I took the chance and I won, I won not sitting in traffic and letting a situation I couldn’t control mess with my emotions.

It’s the whole control thing really

Several years ago I would have gotten pretty mad and pissed off at the people in the traffic jam for not spacing out far enough to just cruse through it without stopping.  A feat where everyone must let go of control and go with the flow, but better off I just said heck, even if I didn’t make it anywhere at least I wasn’t stuff between exhaust pipes and I knew the work wasn’t going anywhere.

I learned a lot over the past several years about letting go of control, kind of like the movie Office Space. I still give a “$uck” about getting work done or taking care of business but it’s so much smoother and less stressful.  In fact I enjoy traffic jams now if I am stuck in them.  Because I can control my behavior  and sort of predict the behavior of other drivers it becomes a comedy show to see how we sometimes let little things in life get to us.

There are a lot of “life hacks” to be passed on.

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Own Your Day,

Richard Kaulfers


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