If Only I had a Tool For That

So I’m in the process of writing this great help travel tutorial for what it’s like to live in Utah just about 30 minutes north of Salt Lake City.  But all the while in my mind I’m  thinking the article is missing something.  There has to be more than words to this piece of content.  Than it hit’s me.  I’ll add images to the article, I’ve always got a camera with me, there are 4 of them in an arms reach of me writing this right now.  And I just spent the last 2 hours organizing video and picture files going three years back because I just upgraded my hard drives and well it’s like spring cleaning when that happens.

Now I’m going to add a few pictures to this travel tips and things to do post I’ve got going.  But with the internet today each content system has their own way of handling media.  Now the only way I could add images to the post was by what is called “hot linking” them from a web url.  So what I would have to do is upload them to the albums folder, right click on the file and select “copy url”.  Go back to the post and link in the image.  Okay cool that isn’t a big deal.  Now that is when I remembered.

Image Locker!

Yes I have a tool called Image Lock and in this tool are some simple editing tools.  Things I would normally use Photoshop for like, size adjustment, some simple color tweaks, cropping, and even flip it if I have to.  So I fired up this tool from Hubze.com and uploaded several of the photos I pulled off of some old phone picture back-ups.  Which look great for being phone pictures what a world we live in.  A phone that takes professional looking photos.

After about 10 minutes of clicking around this tool I was able to edit the photos and link them to the post.  There I was just going all out thinking this is great now I have my own supporting pictures to go along with the post only to be stopped by, get this.  The site only allows 4 images to be included in a post.  I had about 7 sections I wanted to put pictures in.  I guess I can do it here but it was so relevant for the site.

What is Hubze.com?

It’s a set of tools for organizing content and using apps to promote your stuff or business stuff if you’d like.  Pretty cool setup. Here is a video I made of me playing in the Image Locker.


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  • Hey Richard! Glad you like the image locker. I wish the site you were talking about allowed more images! :) If you look at the cover image on our Facebook page, I used the ImageLocker for that actually…edited it right in the editor. Pretty cool! It is awesome when you love using your own products! Thanks for the review!