Mr. Jonathan Budd is Growing Up So Fast

In response to Jonathan Budd’s 2011 reflections.


It’s wasn’t until a few years ago when I really mentally understood how ‘kinesthetic physiology’ worked for with me.  When I did, and started to connect the events in my life and the feelings I had before or after them, it stopped me in my tracks.

This is when my ears become even better then my eyes and my intuition began to grow even stronger.  Like you said,  if someone isn’t out looking to learn how to become “more mind body connected”,  and develop stronger intuition.  It’s very easy to settle for the normal mundane, same old, same old lifestyle.

 Learning and Mastering Kinesthetic Physiology

I have had a few conversations with people I hardly knew at the time who was trying to explain how they did things sometimes which didn’t make sense.  But they knew it was just the right thing to do.  The JUST GO FOR IT attitude.

What is really cool is many people do this a-lot but it’s on  a deeper level then verbal communication.  The only way I can explain it is;

Its those instantaneous moments you take when you really have no idea what the outcome will be.

  • But in reality your subconscious mind has been working non stop to set you up for just the perfect moment, almost premeditated.
  • Time is not a factor and one can’t calculate when something is going to happen, but it will and moving on the opportunity when it comes.

People get bored so Business Changes

There are a few products in the world someone could sell which don’t change much over time, but only the way they are viewed does.  “Organic Milk” in the U.S.A is what People in Germany call Normal Milk.  So what is Organic Milk in Germany?  Awesome…

If one things is true Mr. Budd,  people want to buy products and services.  Nothing changed there, now tell them the cool way to buy, the better way, anyone willing to do so usually does pretty good on the books.

Technology changes so keep up nothing new there.  But master the principles of human nature and your set for life.

Feeling BAD?

The cost of doing business is a mere write-off when developing something, glad you have the capital to not worry about losing a few bucks.  I think you know just as well as the next entrepreneur  most people will never take their dreams as far as they want to because of the poor relationship they have with money.

Johnathan Budd You’re Growing Up

As far as kinesthetic physiology goes,  I was just waking up this morning and the thought popped in my head.  What is this guy up to now, so I looked and read your post on your reflections and if what you saying is true then it looks like someone has been keeping their mouth shut and ears open a bit longer then a past few years.

Who really needs “Proof of Concept” anyways?  I guess will find out later.

Have a wonderful day JB


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  • Vanessa Roach

    A lot of people are just living inside their shell not realizing that the world is big and opportunities are everywhere. The ‘Just Go For It’ attitude is missing in many and is hardly applied. Playing it safe is the best real thing to do for others. You did mentioned Jonathan Budd , indeed, he is growing up so fast! I myself can’t get my head thinking what he is really up to.