PPC Supremacy Review. A Students Prospective.

To make this review simple I wrote it for you.

Hello there I am Richard Kaulfers and I will be reviewing the course called PPC Supremacy that was created by Jim Yaghi and David Schwind.

You will learn briefly about my background, what my take on the pay per click marketing course is and also what you might expect yourself when and if you become a student of the PPC Supremacy course. Let’s dive in.

Who is Richard Kaulfers anyway?

I am a military professional specializing in electronics as of writing this. I graduated ITT Tech with an Associate’s degree in computer network systems. My background vocation started off in the computer related field. I ran my own small business which paid for college. Now I am transitioning to the business marketing vocation.

Most of my skills were related to customer relations at least that what I called it. I made it a point to teach my clients many of the small things they would normally call me to do.  In the start of 2010 I enrolled at University of San Francisco Online and picked up a few Internet marketing certifications such as Integrated Online Strategies and Search Engine Marketing .Why does any of this matter to you? I would like to say I am pretty good at spotting “junk” online and I figured why not help out a bit and spread some truth.

How I feel about PPC Supremacy.

Within the first week of learning about this course I just felt something about it in my gut. The marketing was packed full of information and was really a few detailed lessons on their own. Which I thought was really cool. Breaking into the material for the first few weeks the value never did stop. I learned a lot about the business aspects of marketing online and was not flooded with so much of technical jargon as to get confused and quite.

Jim teaches many of the modules and he does so in a way that makes the complicated things very easy to understand. David’s lessons are straight to the point with clear objectives about the outcome. From all of the teachers I have had online these two have by been really good and getting the information to sink in the brain.

I feel anyone who is ready to really learn marketing and then to incorporate the big advertising players such as Google(TM) into the mix can benefit greatly from this course.  As of right now it’s not open to the public but will be in near future.

The core of the lessons really are in the first few modules and are so important for long term success its just great to have the ability to go over them again and again.

What can you the Student Expect from the 14 modules of lessons?

As a student you can expect to get a simple yet in-depth understanding of Internet Marketing because you will be taught what it really takes to grow your business online the right way. You can expect to take your time and learn each module of training because it is at your own pace. Now if your objective is to not get “slapped” by big advertising agents then you will be taught the lessons on how not to hurt yourself or your business so that you may continue gaining profits or get to profits as quickly as possible.

You can expect to learn how to structure your website and content to play by the rules. You will learn how to become creative and look in other places your competitors are not to find the traffic and business you need. You can expect to really learn how to have your marketing dollars pay for them self’s over time. This is the real “secret” to thriving businesses. Most importantly you can expect support from present and past students such as myself.

Summery Review

PPC Supremacy is one of the top online marketing courses out there today. You are getting taught by two very skilled marketers who know the game and know  how to stay in the  game. Personally I feel that if you are going to spend any amount of time learning internet marketing this is a great place to start. Home businesses, small business, big businesses it really does not matter.

Please ask me any questions you have about the course in the comments below.

Thank you

Richard Kaulfers.

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  • Richard Kaulfers

    You can learn the mechanics of PPC right from google them self but getting the ins and outs of years of testing really helps.