5 Principles of Adwords Text Ads

1. Understanding the Power of Adwords Text Ads.

Are you familiar with twitter? Googles Text Ads for Adwords is very similar to twitter in that you only have a very limited amount
of space to say what it is you want to say. What the significance with this  limited space is that quality matters for your Ad Copy.

What  you are promoting in your Ad must be very direct (hint: Direct Response) and to the point, that would be the Call to Action. If the user is not told what to do or the Ad Copy is not really realative for them, you wont get the click and your Ad will start to show poor performance.

2. How much space does Adwords Text Ads have?

The Ad being displayed is built on four lines of text broken down as follows:

  • Headline: Only 25 Characters, this includes spaces. Warning:Foreign languages take up double characters.
  • First Line: Limited to 35 Characters
  • Second Line: Also Limited to 35 Characters.
  • URL: 35 Characters are shown but the URL may be longer

How you craft your text Ad will have a positive or negative effect on the Ad performance for your keyword list. Sometimes not using all the space works better then trying to fill it all up. When you are building your Text Ad always split test the Ad by changing ONE significant variable at a time. This may reveal what works better or not for the Ad Copy.

3. How to keep Google Happy with your Text Ad.

Google likes the Truth. So do not lie or hype up the Text Ad. Even simple claims like “We are Number 1!”,must have a legitimate third party validation. STOP SCREAMING and Adding Capitol Letters To Every Word. Spelling and Grammar should not be messed up to get attention. Slogans for branding may be the exception to that rule.Using symbols correctly in the Text Ad. Three Common Symbols are Trademark, Copyright, and Registered Trademark. Use other symbols only when necessary.

4. Stay on the path or get bitten.

To make this simple and clear. The URL listed in the Ad must match the landing page URL. Now this is really referring to the top level domain. Also  the landing page must be congruent with the Text Ad. If your Ad is about shoes then landing page should not be about hats. You may be sending them to your store so make sure your Ad sends them to that product or service offer that the Ad was for.

5. You can not pick the winning Ad but you can Test.

One of the most rewarding principles I have learned about direct response marketing is that we can not pick the winners. When we build our Text Ads based on what we know our customers wants and needs are. The text Ad that should convert better for the Ad Group but we wont know until we start sending traffic in front of the Ad.

If you think an Ad is going to flop TEST IT! You very well might be surprised at the results the Ad brings in.


The big game is to keep Google Happy and give your customers what it is they are looking for. Don’t Lie, hype or deceive Google or your customers and you should do well.

What are your thoughts on Keeping Google Happy? Is it worth it or would you rather use a different means of online marketing?

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