3 Years in ReeBok to Barefoot in One Day

The Running Shoe Scam

There may not be a running shoe scam, or is there, but one thing is for sure. I’ve been in the same running shoe for about three years now.  Until the other day I took it off and continued to run the rest of my afternoon 5k. What is strange is it felt great and didn’t hurt at all.  Perhaps it was because it was cold and wet or maybe it’s because this shoe has helped my feet run naturally.  This all took place because of one afternoon I spent with a big group of people who went to learn about running.

You’ve seen the 5 toe barefoot shoe’s right?  We it turns out I’m bout 23 years behind the curve on running barefoot again.  At least I haven’t done it in a long time although it is how we start out right?

From lots of pain to no problem running on the hard ground I can’t weather or not this particular shoe has helped but it’s the only one I’ve been running in for a while now, and still do.  I’m no speed daemon on the track and I won’t be breaking any running records anytime soon but I did want to share with you that making the switch wasn’t has difficult as it could have been.  Perhaps my form isn’t to bad, that is having a heal strike.  And maybe you run on the pavement barefoot already.  Either way enjoy your fitness while you still can.  It’s a hell of a drug.



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