Search Engine Marketing & Usability One Students Perspective.

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Practice what you Teach

You cannot Handle the Truth.

You came here for find out if the “S-E-M & Usability” course from USanFran Online, or USF Online, was worth your time and your dime.

I can tell you this,  if you already had a taste of the Integrated Online Strategies course and felt you received valuable information in those lessons. You will be blown away with the content packed into the Search Engine Marketing certification.

So you want to play in the big leagues?

Understand the Internet Marketing Master’s Certification is for the big players; the head honchos, top dogs, going all the way, no holds bar,  kind of  people.  I don’t care if your business is just starting or is already a fortune 100 company dropping 20 million on  media buys.

Media marketing has met its match and they know it.  You see copywriting is still a very much needed skill even more-so when you’re going to be taking your business online.

Fire up Your Crock Pot,  We’re Cooking..

Let’s get into the meat and potatoes of  USF’s Search Engine Marketing and Usability Certification.  Which is really not an easy task when you’re working keeping the post around 600 something words, know what I mean?

The first thing you’re going learning about is how you can use search engine marketing for finding new customers and expanding the relationship with current customers,  also known as re-marketing.  You will learn a great deal of information about customer relationship management systems and if they are right for your business.

After learning the foundation information you will dive into some traditional marketing lessons about customer segmentation. You will also learn about researching the persona’s of your customers, how they  buy on-line and tips on what kind of online search marketing you will  focus on the most for your market and products.

Objection..! Over Ruled!

Now the real juice in this course comes, at least it’s my favorite part is the negotiation, law and contracting lessons.  I am a small business owner and I work with larger businesses therefore it’s important I play ball on their court just as well as I do on my own.

You get a crash course in on-line business law, of course they tell you to find your own lawyer but at least you will prepared with the right information and jargon when you do speak with your own attorneys or advocates.

You also get into even more technical details about webpage design on more of the psychological level which is really what matters when you’re after making sales or sign-ups.  This includes learning about the different personalities of consumers.  Of course what good is a website all ready to go without traffic?

To finish up the course you will be introduced to Google’s Learning Center and start working on Paid Per Click, alright it’s called Pay Per Click but hey, when everything is setup right you should be getting paid when people click on your ads, PPC secret shhhhh.

Okay I like it..Did you Skim?

Basically the course is full of great information to absolutely assist you in your career, and your business marketing, even if your new to the industry or a veteran of marketing.

Rep for my Rep..

I do want to give a shout out to my USF Rep Audra Taplin she assisted me throughout the Master Certification.  Audra is one of the few phone “sales” reps  I actually enjoyed doing business with. Why, because she knew her job, took action and listen to some suggestions I had to offer, also she never did say “I don’t know”, it’s was either the right answer or let’s find out.

Tell Audra, Richard sent you.

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  • This piece was enlightening -however- you would do well to check and re-check your copy before submission in the future. Sloppy.