Sell Your Used Car Fast

The Time Has Come to Sell the Car

Don’t you hate being sold to? I mean when you’re out to make a big ticket item purchase you’d like to do so with the confidence that you’re making the choice yourself.  It’s the professional salesman’s job to help you make a decision because in life most people can’t make one for themselves.  So how does this thought come into play when you are trying to put your, runs and drives great condition, used motor vehicle onto the buyers market.

Answer All The Buyers Questions

I’ve been a student and practitioner of selling stuff my whole life and my main goal was to make the transactions as easy and transparent as possible.  We both know there are scumbag’s in the world who prey on the weakness of others to con them out of their money.  But a professional knows they would like most of their business to come back to them because of a satisfied transaction.  If you want to sell a used car without any problems than you must be up front about everything.  It’s as simple as spilling the beans.

It’s a Sellers Market

With all the tools available today to help you get your items in front of people you can’t loose,  you just have to use the tools correctly.  I’m talking mostly about owner to owner and no dealership transactions, I’m talking about where cash is king and the potential buyer is only going to ask you when can they drive away.  So take some time up front to cover all the bases before you list your car for sale.  Here is what you might want to consider:

  • Current Market Value
  • Maintenance Records
  • Last Tune-up (fluid changes, headlights, wiper-blades, tire condition, break conditions, suspension)
  • Financial Stand Point (How much have you put into the car, gas, maintenance, insurance)
  • Is the Tank Full or Empty
  • How does the car smell

Again I’m talking about selling your car without and problems from the buyer, plus you have to stand out a bit from the other sellers if you want to make moves fast in your in a hurry.  Use all the tools you can to help you along and the potential buyer know when they pick up the phone to call you they want a test drive right to the title transfer location.   Your tools should include:

Write out everything you know about the  car and how you’ve used the car.

List any maintenance you’ve done to the vehicle and think might need done in the next year.

Take photos of everything about the car, scratches, dents, rips, tears, far, near, behind the wheel, under the car, over the car, open the trunk ect.  Photo’s are great but the next best thing is video.

Make a video, using a tripod of the vehicle starting in the morning, driving in the rain, coming down the road, turning left and right, let the sound the transmission be heard, point out anything that makes noise it shouldn’t. You might be thinking you don’t have time for this but again we are talking about selling it to the first 5 people who call.  That is you don’t want to waste your time with people who just want answer to questions you could have already answered.

Does this work?

I’ve sold my motorcycles, atv’s, and used cars this way and I have found it to be a very effective method for reaching the right people who want to buy the vehicle you have for sale.



Don’t hold back the details, be up front, and sell the vehicle with a fresh oil change and full tank of gas.


2006 Opel Corsa C 1.2 Twinport 98,500 miles/158k Kilometers, $4,700/ 3500 Euro
1994 BMW 320i 5-Speed


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  • Hey You are absolutely right…making video of old car from all angles, inside to outside everything can really help outside buyer to understand an actual condition of your vehicles…This is also important from other point of view because sometimes we don’t get desired amount for used vehicles from Local or known buyer as they negotiate very much, but now a days video classified advertising make it possible to sell a car outside from your very local area without even knowing your neighbor. The benefit is that Buyer can see the actual condition and will only reply if serious about to buy.Even I sold my old sedan on [Website Removed] by posting video ad believe me it is simple easy and fast BEST OF LUCK :)