Slow Motion Editing Adobe CS6

How Can I Get Smooth Slow Motion

Sitting Pool Side

There we were sitting on the deck of the pool, which is on the 4th floor, at The Grand Hotel after a week of SCUBA diving all around Gozo.  While enjoying a few of the local wines and talking about what we were going to get for dinner the thought of doing a slow motion falling in the pool sequence came up in conversation.  Now I didn’t have a tripod but there were plenty of places for god pods.  And after a week of Gozo TV in the Hotel room the Miely Cyrus Wreaking Ball song played several times a day on the MTV channel so we picked as the bit to play with for the slow motion sequence.

Slow It Down a Bit

This is the first question I  asked after shooting a four second sequence which I wanted the final end time to be about 25 to 30 seconds.  In hindsight this should have been the first question to get answered before shooting.  The desire smooth slow-motion may not work to my expectations with the way the shot was done.  Let me break down the settings of the camera used in this production.

Canon Vixia HG20 it was set to 24p as the frame rate witha shutter speed set at 1000. The frame rate  should have been set to 60i, the highest frame rate for this camera.

First edit with just the clips being adjusted with the Speed/Duration setting in Adobe Premiere Pro Cs6.

The clip is very choppy.  I tried to edit the same clips in After Effects using the Time Warp effect but after effects wasn’t playing nice and I couldn’t get it to do what I wanted.  All my searching turned up a plug-in called Twixtor but I was just looking to use some local stuff the programs already have to offer.

After a day of messing around I just shortened the sleep duration and added a few extra clips.  With a big of grading the end result isn’t to bad for a shot conjured up over a few drinks by the pool.





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