Spend on Adwords or SEO which is Cheaper

I’ve never heard anyone ask.  Hey what way can I take the longest to get some money hoping someone will stumble on my sales page?  Also I’ve never heard anyone who asked how can I waste the most time on getting a sale for my product?  But this is what I hear when I see or hear some ask these questions:

What is cheaper SEO or Adwords

Should I hire an SEO Specialist

How much will I lose with pay per click

Should I buy traffic or use SEO



Do you want fruit with your steak dinner or do you want vegetables?

Over and over the same questions get asked and the same poor advice gets repeated from people who’ve never done both.  SEO people will tell you how horrible PPC is and PPC people will tell you how long SEO takes so don’t count on it this year.

If you are considering price in your question of which method to go on i’ll assume you don’t have much of an advertising budget, right?   Well one that you think is good enough.  The truth is 5 dollars a month is good enough when it comes to PPC, pay per click, bing, adwords, whatever…Your five dollars can go a lot further in a month then 10 articles on some content you won’t rank for in that month for a product people are looking to buy.  It’s that simple.

I will tell you that SEO is not Cheaper versus Adwords.  Now if you want to learn how to use it and not waste a bunch of money you’re out of luck.  Learn a skill will take you time and money so just be comfortable with that up front.  If you want to hire an Adwords Manager you could and still be better off.

SEO is a buzz word.  Its ever fluid on the next big “trick, hack, market bust”.  People will always sell you the latest and greatest method of getting ranking.  But you already know what it is.  It’s everything you hate about what you already see.  What ever you see do the opposite.  Chances are you’ll be better off in the long run.

Pay Per Click will trump SEO for top rankings any day.  It will bring in sales to a product that is selling.  It will bring in traffic to a site with good information.  It will add readers to newsletters which are active.

Want to learn how to use pay per click?  Start with the the free education the platforms already gives you.

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