Start Asking What Rights You Have

Disclaimer:  I’m not a lawyer and none of this is legal or medical advice.  It is advice about understanding we must always continue to ask questions.  WHY,WHY ,WHY.  Just like kids do,be a kid again, never stop asking questions.  Begin to trust and listen to your gut and you’ll be on your way.

If the news has anything to say about it our human rights in America are being stripped away one by one.  Now I know one thing from life thus far,  if something isn’t being used it’s usually lost and not noticed until after it’s to late.  How can we be proactive about exercising our rights under the constitution of the United States of America?

The easiest way is to first understand them.  For me I didn’t have a lot of faith in the Public School system when I was making my way through the grades.  Something didn’t sit right with me most of the time and I tended not to be the best student I could be because of it, but in the long run I think it worked out for the better.  (I offend said take the “teachers book” away from them and what could they really teach?)   If a teacher really started teaching on the governments time they were usually fired or threatened to be.  Remember?

Civics Class?

We learned the very basics of our justice system and the political parties.  We learned instead of coming together to better solve problems we should fight among our neighbors about who had the better group (political party).  The first thing I noticed about politics was the history of scandals and lies coming from “both sides”.  It seemed like every year no matter what, there was some kind of scandal going on in Washington DC, local city, towns, and counties all over the map.  Of course the only way we heard about them was through Mass Media, or gossip down at the local diner.   I learned real fast to laugh at eight out of 10 reports from the daily news.  I hope you do the same as well.  Because really most of it is free comedy when you begin to see past the bullshit.

Same Thing Over and Over

I picked up on  their pattern of repeating themselves over and over again and mostly promoting fear and scare tactics to keep people watching or their advertisers paying.  (I quickly placed their words into my bucket of cynical doings)  Don’t get me wrong: free speech, entrepreneurship, the free market are great things and even having proper regulations in place to keep it fair.   It’s the fact most if not all news stations were repeating the same thing and they were not being different, I mean informative. (Weather, death, scary fact, weather death, shocking report).  Now I know you are a smart person but sometimes that is the problem, to smart for our own good.  We just sick back and keep quite going on our happy way.  At least we pretend it’s happy.  If the majority of us were as happy as we fronted to be I’m convinced we would lose our cool so easily with each other for nothing.  (road rage, grocery store checkout lines, post office, random shootings ect.)  So what can we do?

Start Asking Better Questions

Well, what is the point of knowing something is going on if we can’t figure out what to do about it, if we care enough too?  For me it’s a matter of finding out what is really going on and if  I’m able to control it, my own actions.   I’ll share with you the questions I’m asking and the how I’m going about finding the answers.  Each of us handles situations differently but through understanding of our basic rights we can do a better job,  solving problems we may encounter, reduce stress in our lives, learn to respond to actions instead of react, develop a sort of calm intensity for life.

Rights, The Hot Topic

Many problems with rights violations happen on public streets, highways, sidewalks, parks, ect.  Start finding the answers to these questions for your area and you’ll be a step again of the game.

  •  1. Which police/peace office has jurisdiction in my everyday routes when commuting to and from my place of work.  Who runs the place?
  • 2.  When I am signaled to stop at a traffic stop, by a police officer, should I pull over on the spot or get to a safe spot off the road and in public view? How can I verify I’m being pulled over by a real officer?
  • 3.  What rights do the passengers have in my vehicle?  Do they need to show Identification if I’m pulled over?  Do I?
  • 4.  Should I answer any questions an officer asks me when I’m being pulled over?  Do I have to?  When can I exercise my right to remain silent?  How can I avoid self incrimination?
  • 5. What constitutes as police intimidation to get me to speak or answer questions without a lawyer present?
  • 6.  Should I sign a traffic ticket?
  • 7.  What evidence am I able to present to courts in the event I want to dispute a ticket or incident?
  • 8.  What must a police/peace officer inform me of when they stop me in my travels?
  • 9.  Can an officer search inside my pockets if asked to step outside of the vehicle?  How about my car?  What gives them probable cause? Is that a real thing?
  • 10.  What is the difference between being detained and arrested?  How can I tell?  Do they have to tell me what I’m being arrested for or charged with? What if they don’t how can I prove it?
  • 11.  I want to record any encounter I have with an officer, can they legally stop me from doing so?
  • 12.  What are some common tactics police officers use to get a person to self incriminate?
  • 13.  When is it okay to refuse to comply with an officers request/order?

These are the bakers dozen of questions you’ll want to get answered.  It’s important to have an understanding of what your rights are so you can confidently take care of yourself and your family.  Every encounter is different when it comes to a traffic stop.  Its been my experience no two officers are the same and you’ll have to fallow your gut as much as possible on the actions you take.  Chances are if you found this post you are on the right path.

It’s also important to become a student of communication because how we say what we say is more important than what we say overall.  Body language communicates more to a person than verbal, especially during a traffic stop.  If  you find yourself going into fight or flight when you see blue/red lights, you’re experiencing a form of programming to fear authority.  A good way to counteract this type of programming is to just begin taking slow deep breaths through the noise and exhale out the mouth on a four count.  Also smiling helps reduce the stress when going into fight or flight.  Another thing is to become aware of not slamming on the brakes when you see a cop car.  Just let off the gas, chances are you’ve already been spotting if you were speeding, no need to validate to the officer with glowing red break lights.

Good luck on your journey and continue to seek answers

Again I’m not a lawyer and none of this is legal or medical advice.  It is advice to always continue asking questions.  WHY, WHY ,WHY.  Just as we did as many years ago, never stop asking questions.  Begin to trust and listen to your gut and you’ll be on your.

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