Start Color Grading Like a Professional

After editing hundreds of videos something hit me.  I’m missing a big part of really getting the most out of my videos in terms of the a LOOK.  There is something about  the way a major motion picture looks compared to our home digital video shooters.  Okay yes they have a huge budget  and they are shooting on film and they have people who are masters at their craft of shooting and lighting.  But that isn’t all.  And the consumer market has great tools most enthusiast can get now.

I agree if you want a film look, shoot on film.  If you want a great shot you’ll need to light it correctly and compose it correctly.  There just isn’t any way around those truths.

Here comes the the BIG “BUTT”….

We have access to tools like never before and we also have access to professional who love spilling their secrets of the craft.  I’m very thankful for those two things.  It’s almost expected these days to have access to such information and that is kind of scary.  Who holds the power? RUN…!  Okay come back.

Start Asking More Questions!

How can I start color grading like a professional?  Is the question I asked bout a year ago when I noticed my videos lacked something.  I was shooting on many different camreas from the  ten thousand dollar range to the 200 dollar point and goes. Yet Joey Digital Iphone down the road was getting better images? What gives man?  How come some videos look so much better with a camera that fists in a pocket and makes phone calls and connects to the internet.  What gives?

Color Correction and Color Grading.

This started my rabbit hole adventure down the great color tunnel of doom.  The tool I use the most is Adobe Premiere as of this writing and I use the default color effects which come with the program.  Once you start asking around you’ll soon find there are many plug-ins and programs to help get a look.  The big question seems to be how can I get a film look?

I started asking the questions how can I get a more professional look? What are the professionals using?  There is sure to be a dedicated color tool used by the big time players, right? This lead me to the powerful color grading tool DaVinci Resolve, go figure a color tool named after an world class artist.

A correctly configured setup for a pro-grading studio might start at around 50 to 60 thousand dollars which is relatively inexpensive given the market and the technology of today but for little old me it’s not practical at this time to invest in the top gear because it will be long outdated before I learn the tool well enough to take a seat in the captions chair.  If you’re wonder how we can start to learn this tool like I did you’ll be happy to know there is a free version!

Yes the company recognizes people are shooting and producing great products everyday on a limited budget and mastering these tools to get the professional quality demanded by today’s industry.  Cha-Ching!  So these is away to get professional quality videos on a shoe string budget.  Let’s face it there always was its just a matter the Yellow Car Syndrome.  The syndrome of when your riding in a yellow car you all the sudden see every yellow car?  You become aware of what is around you because you’re focused on the item at hand.

Enough Already: Lets start color grading.  Below are video I’ve found to be very helpful in learning this tool called DaVinci Resolve.  If the video doesn’t play anymore it is because the user or sharing server took it down.


Keyword: Learn DaVinci Resolve (let the rabbit hole begin)

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