Start Selling with Pay Per Click Correctly

Several key elements must be in place before turning on any Adwords traffic your website.  You want to make sure you have all your gears oiled and put them through a few test runs.  If not, it’s likely you will throw a rod and blow the whole thing up and end the race of business with a DNF.

First thing is first, do you know what action you want the user to take when they get to the webpage?  Are they going to be buying something or just coming for content?  If they are going to be buying something you must ensure the order process is a smooth as you can make it at the time, with the resources you have.

Run through the sales process yourself a few times to check.  Better yet have someone else run through the process for you.

Tracking and Analytics, If you ever really want to get the most out of paid traffic you must set up tracking.  Is tracking a 100 percent accurate process, no but it’s a heck of a lot better than no tracking stats at all.

Your budget should be fairly large to get the most out of pay per click platforms, like Google Adwords or Microsoft Bing.  A hundred dollars a day would be great because that would allow you to collect enough data over a shorter period of time to find out what is working and what isn’t.

Another thing you must have a firm grasp of before you start running a Pay Per Click campaign is how much your profit margins are and your long term customer value.  This will allow you to really justify your PPC budget and verify if you’re getting a good return or poor return.

The way things are going with how people order and buy stuff online you must be ready to implement chances often.  Within a year or so the ability for us to reach more devices and with different kinds of ads from video, text, interactive, exclusion, selection based it’s going to important to corner your part of the market as fast as possible.

Two things will always remain constant when it comes to selling products and service. One thing is the words used to sell the products and the service tied to the product.  Just imagine if you couldn’t use the internet to reach people who are ready to buy your products now, would you still be able to find clients and customers with traditional print and street selling?

It’s overlooked and underrated but simple works.

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