The Himalayas Secret Eternal Life

The Secret to Eternal Life Lays inside the Himalayas

Could you imagine if all the health products on the shelf and in the infomercials on TV/Radio were true to the core.  I mean if they really all did what the label and advertisement said it would do we’d be living to be 200 years old.  But there is one place I’ve been hearing a lot more in ads for health products they keep referring to The Himalayas when speaking about ingredients as if it’s the purest place on earth.

How Good Are Harvested Ingredients From Himalayas

Alex Jones has started promoting Nascent Iodine and has been selling out with a 4-6 waiting period because manufacturing can not keep up.  They call it Survival Shield Nascent Iodine to help protect the thyroid from radiation poisoning.  Yes this is a product you should take daily according to Dr. Edward Group who has formulated the product and has a 2 year waiting list for other products to make.

Ingredients: Cold Processing, Glass processing and changing the way health products are produced is what Dr. Edward Group is all about.

Male Vitality: After 30, men produce more estrogen than testosterone, and fluoride causes infertility, so as Alex Jones talks to his audience he is saying the majority are fat, unhealthy, no sex drive.  Is this really the majortiy of American’s are?  Unfortunately I think so and it’s really sad.

Okay What About The Himalayas

Several products I’ve been hearing about the advertisers are boasting that the ingredients are coming from the Himalayas.  So if the ingredients are being harvested from this location the question is how is it being harvested, why is it being harvested in this location and what makes it so special?  Are the farmers working for slave money, are they using these ingredients locally or is it just an export?

The BulletProof diet guy also talks a lot about products from the Himalays when he is talking about the best products for bio-hacking your body.

The End Consumer

High quality high price or low quality high price?   What kind of health supplements are you taking right now, what do you know about it, who makes it, where do the ingredients come from?  I’ve bought and consumed my fair share of supplements and got a bit nutty at times when it comes to food and eating.  Now I’ve turned my focus to following the trail of the products and learning more about those who are getting the dollar and their methods of running their business.

Please research and ask questions.

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