The Perfect Adwords Manager


Hiring the perfect Adwords manager should be simple.  How simple?  Nothing short of a quick cup of your favorite beverage and everything should be done.  The introduction, the exchange of what you want to what they (the Adwords manager) should be doing.

Your Adwords manager should know exactly what to do to provide you with high quality ready to buy your stuff traffic.  They should know your business better then you do because they will be writing countless highly optimized and persuasive  Ad copy to promote your very services or products.

They need not to bother you with dozens of questions like; what are you selling and how much is your return on costs?  A no point what so ever should you have to let them know what your cost per acquisition is or your breakeven point.

The perfect Adwords manager is both analytical and creative.  They should be knowledgeable and skilled graphic designers as well as have thousands of images to help promote your products and services.

All you should have to do is tell them you need traffic give them the website to send it to and they should know what to do.  Another skill your Adwords manager should have is be in expert in statistical data analysis based on nothing more than intuition and a few quick casual conversations once in a while.

The perfect Adwords manager knows you are too busy to implement any ideas or necessary changes to your content in order for the systems to work correctly.  They should know better than to send you weekly reports of how much you’re spending without ever really know the full return on investment.

To Summarize: Your Adwords Manager Should:

  1. Know exactly who you’re selling to base off outdated incomprehensible website sales copy.  Of course they know your products are for “everybody”.
  2. Write highly targeted direct response Ads to those very same people in item number one.
  3. Knows how well the pay per click campaign is going even though they have no idea what your profit margin is and no tracking ever set up.
  4. Knows that all you care about is spending less as possible but get the most sales you can.
  5. Strives for a 10 out of 10 quality score because you know that is what Google Wants.
  6. Never try to explain why something isn’t done because you read an article About Adwords and know otherwise.
  7. Be extremely thankful you gave them the opportunity to even do any work for them.
  8. Listen and make changes to the account based off your ideas and feelings every other day.
  9. Know that testing is just a myth and Google’s keyword tool is the ultimate resource for knowing what will work or not.
  10. Never make suggestions on how the 7 plus missing parts of the sales process is missing and what to do to fix them.


Now what makes the perfect Adwords Client?


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