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Good and  Bad Addictions

The show-up and tell situation comes to mind. That is show-up and tell one self excuses as to “why” destructive habits we do are “just how I am”.

It’s almost as one either forgets why they started a task or they remember why but a bad habit/addiction overwhelms them not to start.

Richard Bandler and Milton Erickson are two individuals I have invested many hours studying and practicing their lessons and continue to do so. Mostly for self awareness of my own habits, anchors, and reactions to situations. Doing so has allowed me to become quite relaxed in my look on life over the past few years and become very aware of how others use words and physical movements as tells.  Skilled poker players are very good that this, they can spot the tells.

NLP Quicky Sidenote:

NLP=Richard Bandler needed something to call the “nothing” that he practices so he could get paid, he says it many many times that it is “Made up, not real, and just some words for the tax books”.

Of course the activities of NLP are nothing more then becoming away of our own subconscious reactions, turning them into responses by altering the effect we have on our self and “others”.

Habbits Learned at Young Age

I spent the day with a few others filming a short documentary about a family owned world class gymnastics business. What impressed me the most was that 3-5 year old kids could flip, fly, toss, balance, twirl, swing and all kinds of stuff with what looks like ease. Some cried, some tried harder, some didn’t try at all but it was “walking” for them.

And as grown adults who fear going to the gym, dropping a bad habit and developing a better one, usually all stems back to some past experience, that consciously they forgot but subconsciously is still clear as day.

Guilty as charged.

I am absolutely guilty of having good intentions and waiting to act on them but over the past several years I developed the skill of releasing setting “goals” to big and getting out from between my ears and working on just a few things at time. Releasing and Relaxing may not be everyone’s style but its a nice one to develop.

Practicing NLP on Others

This is nothing new and everyone does it in some way or another. Think about a school teacher over the course of the class you notice how the teacher reacts to you not completing your homework. So over this time you develop a style an approach to this situation when the time arises you must tell them you didn’t do yours. You play out the seniro in your head over and over, the words the commentary back and forth and then execute the situation. That is NLP and many many other things we do daily are as well.

I played the laughing anchor game one evening before a few friends and I went out to a party.  Every-time this person would laugh I would be sure to be in their view and then repeat an action. After about 30 minutes or so I would repeat that action when the person was not laughing and they could immediately start to smile then laugh and almost mirror the action subconsciously.

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