What Do People Who Are Deaf Hear in Their Head

On a Rainy Sunday Afternoon

A friend and I were hanging out and a thought pop in my head.  “Can someone who is deaf “hear” an inner monolog”.  That brought up a few questions by my friend, well more or less  different circumstances listed here.

  • A person who is deaf from birth.

-Does this person have an inner monologue and do they “hear it” or does the brain develop pictures of sign language, or just images for that matter?

  • A person who was able to hear as a kid but became deaf at a young age.

-Does this person “hear” an inner monologue and if so, is it only the voice their brain knows at the time they became deaf?


Time for a few searches into the googlesphere and med site.  Turns out I’m not the only one who is asking this question, which is  good thing.

Site with the same question:


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