what websites should I block

The following website features are what make “poor” website user experiences.

Audio Playing: Audio or Video or Both

It’s a good idea to exclude or block websites that practice in:

pop-ups, unders, overs, corners ect. Anything that is distracting from the original content my a means on disruption.
Earning money from recycled content:

Before google it was all about keyword stuffing. Today it’s all about trying to be “relevant and social” which leads to a lot of Hollywood Headlines. Ignore all of them and you’re computing/searching experience will improve. You can learn to cut through the shit and just get the content you needed to fix the problem you have.

Of course you could be looking for that pair of shoes you seen in the movie you went to last night from the fake article your friend shared on twitter and instagramed a new picture of them outside the mall next to the theater.


Learn how to block websites so even if you click on them you’ll be stoned walled.

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