Which Video Editing Software Should I Use

Which Video Editor Should I Use

The one you can get access to the quickest and start editing with today. Are you looking for a specific software recommendation? The thing is it doesn’t matter. No really any system you have will have a basic video editor which you can use right now to start producing video for your content.
People starting putting videos on Youtube over a decade ago. So you can easily see every kind of recording style, editing no-nos, editing dos, and take a good guess the production value cost about as much as a sack of potatoes.

  • Windows uses Windows Live Movie Maker which is part of their essentials package now.
  • Iphone/tablets/pads: All have a video editor on them as well.
  • Linux operating systems have video editing software but I’d imagine less commonly used.
  • Apple OS X is the king of video editing in many people’s minds in the industry.

Start using the video editing software you have on your computer already. This way you can just start editing videos. There will be bigger questions you’ll start asking after some time passes and you’ve created a few dozen videos or so.  Like how can I start editing faster, what makes a good edit, and how can I produce better content in less time.  Also it’s important to start asking how you can use the 50/50 rule in editing.

The 50/50 rule is using your mouse and keyboard both during your editing process.  This comes in handy for increasing editing time.  Remember you’re not getting paid to edit, you’re getting paid to produce the content that brings in the money.  So really the faster and better you can edit over time the more time you have for other activities.  The software you use will allow you freedoms over other software but right not it’s not important to dwell on the curve isn’t as steep as you might think and in no time you’ll be producing content weekly.


Some Professional Video Editing Software:

Adobe has a 30 day free trial for their software. Subscription Based Now
Final Cut Pro might as well.
DaVinci Resolve Lite is free.
Avid Media Composer. Also going subscription based.


Many of these companies understand no one wants to pay thousands of dollars up front so they are letting people use the software for only a few dollars a month.

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